Days Gone Platinum Raiders 3

Farewell Drift Trophy Guide – 10 minutes of appendix time while riding a bike

Stop the car in place, then press the appendix + accelerate, and continue to push the joystick to the left, turn for ten minutes. Of course, it is more advisable to have more tails when driving and turning, and finally it will not take a long time to start spinning.

This is a knife – use the blade to kill the brutal, stalker or anger

The atrocities are large, thick and fleshy, the stalker is the white hair changer that can be encountered in the later game, and the anger is the infected bear. All three enemies can be marked by the mark. After the blood volume, use a gun to weaken the blood volume, and finally use a knife to rub the remaining blood.

Variety is the Spice of Life Trophy Guide – use every crossbow arrow to kill the enemy

  1. Arrow: The game starts automatically
  2. Remnant arrows: complete the main line (tracking NERO – they are not sleeping)
  3. Poison arrow: complete the main line (never give up – I plan well)
  4. Burning arrows: obtained after completing 8 ambush camps;
  5. Explosive arrows: Obtained after completing 12 ambush camps.

Give me a roll – 12 Anarchist Cairn Locations

The thief sarcophagus is a collection that is very difficult to find in the game. Fortunately, the number is more than 12, you can refer to the video below to find it on the big map.

End of exhaustion – while cycling, Use Nitro and Drift for 5 Seconds

Before completing the trophy, you need to have a reliability of 3 with the Diamond Lake camp to get the most advanced nitrogen fittings.

Survival is not life – save 10 survivors

When roaming, there is a chance that the hostages marked with blue are trapped, some are caught by humans, some are trapped by the deformed, and 10 people can be saved to get the trophy.

Other trophy guides

Fairville Ghost – Get 100 stealth kills
Although the trophy is not difficult, some players may suddenly rush through the whole process, and there is no assassination of many enemies. After the customs clearance, you can only brush 100 times by assassination of sporadic variants, and pay a little attention in the process.

The old is reliable – use the weapons produced to kill 200 enemies
The trophy is not very clear. I personally think that the weapons produced are melee weapons. The melee weapons of the knives and knives are not counted. Therefore, we must always pay attention to the process, and use our own melee weapons to kill the enemy. Time is better.

The art of repairing cars – using 100 scrap iron for locomotives
It is recommended that you do not order the first skill in the fourth column of the skills to be “active wrench”. Otherwise, the scrap iron used for repairing the car will be reduced, and the trophy will be slower.

Full of blood – collect 541 items from the body
These 541 items are not counted from the ears of the variants. They refer to items such as props that have been searched from human corpses. Due to the abundance of materials in the medium term, it is often the case that the search items are full. It is correct to discard the items at the appropriate time. Choose, otherwise 541 is not a small number.

Please listen – collect 989 ears of variants
After cleaning up the storm, pay attention to take away the ears on the body of the mutated person. 989 seems to be a large number. In fact, you can take it all in the medium term.

Best Dead Party – Achieving alliance trust with a camp
Lifelong Friends – Get the alliance trust of three different camps
Generous and generous – spend 20,000 baht in a camp
The camp trophy is basically a process cup. When cleaning other branch tasks, it is almost the highest level of trust. If it is not enough at the end, it is OK to clean up the map.

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