Seven Times Tables Practice

Adding your school can help us give you better content recommendations based on what teachers in your school or district are using in the classroom. Help Skeleton Floyd catch the bone! This fun skeleton game for kids will… Read More

Camel Times Tables

BBC © 2014The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read more. A fun activity to help children at KS1 learn about multiplication. This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style… Read More

e Multiplication Worksheets

Multiplication Worksheets (counting) Multiplication Array Worksheets[Introduction] Multiplication Drills 1 -10 Worksheets Fun math multiplication greeting worksheets maker Multiplication And Division Puzzle Worksheets


Then use theMath Trainer – Multiplicationto train your memory, it is specially designed to help you memorize the tables. (And once you remember those, you also know 32, 42, 52, etc., right?)

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The range is usually from seven to ten years old, but kids much younger have learned the multiplication facts. Our system has been used very successfully in many middle schools and high schools From second grade to high… Read More

Times tables grid game

Click on the image above to play the game Can you spot the answer in the grid? You can use this game as a group activity on an interactive whiteboard in class, or suggest students play it at… Read More

Times Tables

Another great idea for learning timestables is to make posters, each poster showing one of the more difficult tables facts. It is important to learn the times tables from 2 to 12. You should learn then as youd… Read More


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