How to get the final arms of “Kingdom Hearts III”?


The final arms is also very difficult to obtain. The player is required to collect 58 composite materials before the compositing option can be activated in the store. Then in order to synthesize the final arms, the player also needs to get 7 Ollie Steel. The final arms does not need to be strengthened, the attack power and the magic power are very high, and the self-contained “higher damage of the combo is higher” passive.

After the transformation, the ultimate clothing comes with teleportation and all-round defense. The attack action is also very exaggerated, the most powerful weapon that is well deserved. When you hold this weapon, you can even change the Boss to exchange blood and fight for it.

7 Ollie Steels needed to synthesize final arms

  • After completing the first stage of the key blade cemetery, after returning to “a world” from the portal of the wilderness, there is a treasure chest there.
  • In the pirate world of the Caribbean, in the treasure chest of the island of the people. The map is as follows:
  • Defeat the オメガマキナ of the third building block. This enemy needs to defeat the enemies around the large maze. There are 4 rounded around, and then there is one below. After defeating all, Boss appears at the top. In general, in order to play faster, it is recommended to first defeat the hidden Boss of the second universe to get the strongest special design map.
In front of the ultimate spaceship, there is no Boss…
  • Start with a lottery postcard. At the Mogul store, you will get a random lottery postcard and put this into the mailbox next to the Mogul store in Dusk City. You will get an Ollie Steel randomly. If you don’t want to bet, you can use SL Dafa.
  • Get all 10 treasures in the skating game. After completing the world of Allendale, before returning to the ice city and talking to Aisha, you can play a small game skating (there is a 600,000 trophy here). The skating track is very large, with 10 treasure points hidden inside, and repeatedly challenged to get all 10 treasures to get an Ollie steel. Get the way like video:
  • Captured 80 lucky signs. Since Platinum Raiders requirements are all 90, Platinum will definitely complete this condition. Sometimes there are voice prompts for characters near the logo. The logo can be a mark on the wall, or it can be a shape of the arrangement of the items. Sometimes it may take a bit of space to imagine, from a specific perspective. Please refer to the Platinum Raiders for specific locations.
  • Complete the high scores for all 7 pudding games. After completing a world story, returning to the world will encounter a pudding with fruit on the head in a specific place. Every time you complete the pudding game, you will get fruit ingredients according to the score. The first time you get a high score, you will acquire a skill. After completing the high scores of all 7 mini games, you will receive a strong jewelry and an Ollie Steel.

7 Pudding’s appearance of world position and high score requirements

World: Olympus

Location: [appeared ground / mound]

After being transferred to the archive point, it will come to the top by the nearby ladder.

Score requirements: Skateboard hits the pudding, the high score requires 20000. You don’t have to push yourself too tightly in the front, and there are a lot of chances to come back to the square.

World: Tangled

Location: [appearance / hills]

First transfer to the transfer point at the castle, go out from the mountain road behind it.

Score requirements: photo, high score requirements 23000. More observations and shots are excellent. The map is very large, try to pick a number of puddings together.

World: Toy Story

Location: [appearance / ドリンクコーナー]

On the 2nd floor there is an archive point for all the drinks vending machines, just around the corner.

Score requirements: stack height, high scores around 20000 can be achieved, avoiding the place where the ball is more, the priority is to hit the pudding flying in the sky.

World: Monster Power Company

Location: [Appearance / Upper Warehouse]

From the factory basement to the “door warehouse”, a place with many doors, the left door can reach the top of the warehouse. You can see it above the warehouse (there is also a lucky sign on the wall).

Score requirements: The high score should be around 20,000. With the long-haired princess’s key blade and the wind and thunder two kinds of magic, it is easy to get high scores.

World: Frozen

Location: [appearance / north の mountain root]

Transfer to the archive point of Ice City and jump off the cliff next to the Mogul store to see it.

Score requirements: try to kill more monsters, use more lightning magic and long hair princess’s transformation on the line, if only for the sake of even a bunch of MP recovery medicine play magic props flow. The high score is almost 22,000 or more.

World: Pirates of the Caribbean

Location: [appearance / village]

If you haven’t found this archive point before, you can find it from the Royal Port. In the middle square of a large building (there is a prison nearby, it is quite obvious, you will definitely come here to find the lucky sign).

Score requirements: Shooting games, high scores around 30,000, basically do not miss those puddings flying horizontally. I feel that I can hit the bell and fire the bullet.

World: Super Marines

Location: [appearance / center street south (night)]

First transfer to the archive point of the central street south of the night, then above the building with a lot of food on the kanban (large map to the left below).

Score requirements: High score of 15000 or so. Bounce the game, you need some pre-judgment, don’t step on the pudding. If the score is higher than 12000, sometimes the landing will become submerged, so be careful.

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