6 Hot Mobile Games You Need to Play

Wheres My Water?has been one of the top selling games on iTunes for months, so its no surprise that Disney would continue on with its unique game play ideas. InWheres My Perry?, you must helpPhineas and Ferbs Perry the Platypus transport to his headquarters by filling the tubes of his hydraulic transportation system with water.

Fieldrunners 2is an extremely addictive game. You must keep swarms of soldiers from taking over the world by filling the levels with traps to slow them down. There are 20 different weapons in the game, meaning that you can adapt to any style of play for keeping the baddies at bay. The game has also gotten a beautiful visual update for the retina display.

Check out our list above, and let us know if youve played any of them in the comments below. What is your favorite mobile game right now?

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Color match games have been done a lot, especially on mobile.Light Byteadds some fun twists to the idea though, forcing the player to be fast and have a strong memory to survive for as long as possible. You use shoot two or more matching colored blocks to remove them from the screen. All the while, the blocks move farther down, and the game ends when they fill up the screen.

All of the above games are available oniOS, but many are available onAndroidas well. They represent quite a range in genres; there are puzzles games, action games, and strategy games all on the list.

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Though we includedVelocirapturein our roundup ofweird iPhone games, its also getting a lot of social buzz. This unique title, published by Adult Swim games, asks you to play God during thelastrapture, saving the good dinosaurs and smiting the evil ones with your lightning bolts.

The gameplay has many of the great puzzling elements from the original, like using heat and ice to change the state of the water. While not everyone may be a fan of the Disney tie-in, its still a solid title.

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is a great game to fill out the mobile multiplayer space. In this turn-based strategy game, you play one of three armies with six different classes against one or two opponents.The great hook is that your enemies armies are obscured by the fog of war, so you early learn where they are when you run smack into them. This is a game staple from many PC turn-based games thats been adapted to mobile. The game also has a cute, whimsical art style.

This first-person style game allows you to take on zombies any way you can. It is definitely as realistic and gory as mobile graphics will allow, and its impressive to look at. The controls are also very intuitive, a hard thing to master on a touch screen. Its no wonder this game is getting so much chatter on social networks.

We used themRank mobile gaming leaderboardto find the most-talked about games right now, then tested them to see if they were worth the hype. We rounded up six of the best for you to play.

The multiplayer is solid on this title, and you can either pass your phone, play with friends across Game Center or find random matches online. Best of all, its free.

Making this even more difficult, the blocks lose their color over time, so you have to remember which block was what color to progress. It can get very tricky as the game speeds up. For those who like puzzle games, this is definitely worth picking up.

When it aint broke, dont fix it. That is the philosophy that Subatomic Studios took with the sequel to the popular tower defense gameFieldrunners.

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The mobile gaming space is a crowded one, and its hard to know what to download and play next.

The gameplay is simple, but ramps up in difficulty quickly. While the game can get a little repetitive, its still unique enough to warrant some of your time.

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In the world of gaming, zombies never get old. Thankfully, Madfinger Games strove to make the zombie hunting experience better by pushing phone and tablet processors to the limit withDead Trigger.

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