Aiming Accuracy Games for Older Kids

One Ton Boomis a fast-paced 2D shooting game where you have to help One Ton the Gorilla to wreak revenge on his nasty captors. Get ready to do some real damage in this action-packed side-scrolling game where your mission is to destroy One Tons enemies using an array of huge and powerful guns. The background to the story is that a mischievous military group once held One Ton captive and tried to make him part of their Robot Army. Now that hes escaped, hes going to hunt them down!

Go Go Agent Zerois an fast paced, action-packed, side-scrolling shoot em up platform game for teenagers set in a James Bond movie-style high-speed battle chase! You play the role of Agent Zero, a secret agent character who suddenly find himself thick in the heat of a deadly battle with a horde of pursuing bad guys. You must survive this mad dash for as long as possible by picking up awesome weapons, blasting your enemies while on the run, leaping acrobatically from ledge to ledge, taking control of idle vehicles, and more. Just as in a madcap chase scene in the movies, you could be running full-pelt one minute to escape your nasty pursuants, and then instantaneously find yourself behind the wheel of a slick speedboat in the blink of an eye!

Urgent message for Agent Zero from the Command Center: The enemy has learned of your whereabouts, and are on route. By the time you read this message, they will literally be on top of you. You must survive for as long as possible until we come to get you out of the battle zone. As you well know by know, this means bullets galore, grenades, explosions, motorcycles, jet-skis, speedboats, helicopters, and a whole load of extras. Agent Zero, we need you to hang in there Old Chap. We are on our way!

Ok Top Gun, its time to jump into the cockpit, brace yourself for an intense dog-fight, and keep your finger on the trigger!Luftrauseris a simple and addicting 2D fighter-jet flying game where you play the role of a brave and daring fighter pilot. Destroy as many enemy aircraft and battleships as you can in this high-octane adventure in the skies. You are sitting in an explosive flying machine Captain – its time to light it up, and show these guys whos boss!

Attention all wannabe Robin Hoods! Its time to practice your archery prowess!Max Arrow Archeryis a challenging sports shooting game where your goal is to score points by hitting a target with a bow and arrow. Its not as easy as it sounds though, because the targets are at different distances and you have to contend with changing winds. This game is all about judgement and accuracy. It is also a good game to help develop good hand-eye coordination as well as challenging your depth perception abilities as you try to master the noble tradition of archery.

This high-octane, explosion-filled survival adventure is absolutely non-stop, so total concentration at all times is a must. Your quick reflexes and keyboard tapping skills are extremely important here as your Agent character has to sprint, duck, dodge, slide, jump, and shoot pretty much all at once! Reminiscent of popular fast-paced action games such as Temple Run, this is one wild survival-based ride that should keep you on the edge of your seat! Could you be the next Bond?

Reach a required points total against the clock by shooting moving targets with accurate mouse-clicking skills!Rapid Fireis a straight-forward, aiming, accuracy and reactions-based, point-and-click shooting game for kids and fun-loving adults where you must click rapidly on floating, bullseye-style targets. Reach a specific points total before the timer runs out and avoid costly misses!

Strategy to win:Constant vigilance and anticipation skills are the key to success here. You must be continuously on alert for bandits attacking from your left or right, and also be on the lookout for pesky poles and signs that could easily knock you over if you dont take fast, evasive action. Good keyboard control is also vital as you must quickly learn to control your movement and weapon at the same time.

Dodge and weave your way around a war zone as you try to avoid enemy fire from all angles. The simple old-school graphics are reminiscent of classic arcade flying games such as Space Invaders and Asteroids. Use your versatile war plane to perform cool flips and awesome dives while engaging in dangerous aerial combat. Watch for fast-approaching enemy aircraft hot on your tail, navigate aggressively to outflank them, and survive for as long as you can utilizing your quick reactions and nifty fingers. If you get out of this extreme air-battle unscathed, you can leap out of the cockpit and shout Im going to Disneyland- just like in the famous flying movie Top Gun! Good luck brave Fighter Pilot.

Ready for some crazy, high-intensity, 2d laser-shooting platform action?Intrusion 2is an awesome, fast-paced and action-packed, side-scrolling combat game where you play the role of a Rambo-style lone commando, and must infiltrate the base of an alien army, and blast robotic alien baddies on an epic quest filled with high-powered weapons and upgrades! Creep your way through four explosive platformer levels, eliminating everything in your path with precision accuracy and clever combat movement!

Skills required:In this awesome, fast-paced, aiming and accuracy-based action game, you need to exhibit fast reactions and nifty keyboard control skills as you guide your commando through each tricky level. Good observation and hand-eye coordination skills are very important as you try to anticipate enemy attacks, avoid enemy missiles, and survive for as long as possible.

Picture the scene youve had a long, stressful day at the office. Whats made everything worse is these cheeky yellow smiley balls that keep peeking out and pestering you from all angles. If only you could relieve your stress by firing at them with a paintball gun. AHA!Stress Relief Paintballis a fun, fast and wacky shooting game where you have to score points by shooting paintballs at the cheeky smiley faces that appear all over your office work environment. Pick off these pesky little fellows with accurate shots and show them whos Boss around here!

Reasons to play this tank battle arcade game:This is a simple, easy-to-play tank battle game with no frills just eliminate the approaching enemy tanks to progress. Enjoy the fast-paced, non-stop combat action as you work hard to survive the enemy-filled landscape. You can also play this as a 2 Player army teamwork challenge, with one player controlling tank movement and the other in charge of the aiming and firing!

Castle Cannon 2is a funny point-and-fire cannon shooting game where you get to blow up your enemys castle using your expert precision! This is a double siege situation, where you are attacking your enemys castle, while at the same time, your castle is under attack and needs to be defended. Blast your opponent with your crafty canon! You can play against the computer or a friend (on the same computer). You can choose various colorful characters as your profile. Try and destroy your opponents castle with as few misses and as quickly as possible!

Alien Intrudersis modeled on classic spaceship shooting games and is one of the best arcade-style alien shooting games the Learn4Good Games team has encountered. In this newly revamped game, you control a space ship and your task is to protect the Galaxy from alien space invaders. The alien spaceships will shoot at you back and will keep coming closer to you while moving from side to side faster and faster to have you miss them. If you shoot at the alien Mothership (protected by a team of smaller spaceships), it will drop some valuable weaponry which you have to collect with your spaceship. Your weaponry will be temporarily upgraded by giving you extreme shooting capabilities. Weapon upgrade is not time-based but instead is limited by the number of shots. Once the limit is reached your regular weaponry is enabled.

Robot Laser Battleis a fun, frenetic, shooting-based, platform battle game for older kids / teens with single and two player modes. Here, you get to guide a laser-firing, jumping robot / droid character around a confined, ledge-filled battlefield. In a fierce, one-on-one encounter, your objective is clear; blast your enemy with your deadly laser weapon. The game title says it all Robots, lasers, battles!

Strategy to win:Leaping around with all guns blazing might be exciting to watch, but it may result in you being expertly picked-off by more calculated opponents. Be cunning and strategic in your movements! Use ledges and obstacles to your advantage by hiding behind them. Fast reactions, nimble finger dexterity and good observation skills are also vitally important.

Aliens Trenchis an alien shooting game for kids & teens where you have to protect yourself and your spaceship from attacking aliens by blasting them to out of the field. You are trapped on an unknown and hostile planet and your only hope of survival is to terminate as many of these ugly critters as possible, before they destroy your space shuttle! This challenging game requires expert aiming and shooting skills, a love of weaponry and a dislike for bright green aliens! Its endless hours of lighthearted fun. Good luck Commander!

Helistorm 2: Re-groupis an extremely tricky flying and shoot-em-up action game where you have to fly a Black Hawk-style helicopter, and protect a convoy of trucks from an enemy aircraft attack. You play the role of a daring military pilot , and have to dodge and weave your way around a chaotic war-zone to protect your colleagues from the heavy artillery raining down on them. Its best to fight fire with fire, so you have to destroy the bad guys before they blow up your trucks.

Fish Truck (Extreme Fish Transportation)is an original shooting game for kids; You have to shoot at some sneaky birds that are flying overhead and trying to steal fish out of the tank on the back of your truck. The fish have already been caught, and your job as the truck driver and security guy is to protect the catch and get the fish to their destination without losing them all. This fishy adventure will certainly keep you on your toes!

Hit the Bullseye (center) to score maximum points and move yourself up that High Score table. Youll need to have patience, because this is a game that requires skill and concentration as you try to nail that Bullseye! There is some trial and error required in this game so keep firing and youll be Arrow Master in no time! Think youve got what it takes? Well grab your bow and arrow and lets go for it!

Use double-wielding automatic rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, and phaser guns to eliminate your enemies. You must take on a multitude of robotic opponents including ones that fly through the air. Dispatch them with your massive armory and help the vengeful Gorilla complete his mission. This is a good, old-fashioned, side-scrolling platformer that will have you hooked from the very first level. Its pretty challenging too; The Robot Army arent going to go down without a fight. Think youve got what it takes? Have a Blast!

OK, youre under attack. Your mission as a young anti-aircraft gunner is to blast as many enemy fighter planes out of the sky as possible! Theyre coming up over the hill (in endless numbers). You can fire as many times as you like whatever it takes to halt this non-stop invasion! They come at speed, so you need to be prepared. You need to be quick and ruthless once you have them in your sights, try to destroy each and every one of these planes, in order to succeed. Aim, fire and watch them explode!

Air Attack 2is an anti-aircraft artillery shooting game for kids, teens and adults with very realistic sound effects, where you have to shoot a certain amount of fighter planes out of the sky before they fly off the screen. This high-speed war game requires superb hand-eye coordination, super-fast mouse clicking skills and a taste for mass destruction! The pace can get deadly demanding but its worth it. This air defense warfare game offers hours of addicting fun and entertainment! Ready for some high-flying explosive action? Get clicking and enjoy!

Strategy to win:Practice makes perfect! We highly recommend that you go through the rigorous training process before playing the Mission mode. However, if you think youve automatically got what it takes to jump in head first into a mission be our guest! Naturally, you must remain supremely focused and in the zone at all times when piloting the F/A-18 Hornet. One slip, and you could likely be pressing the eject button!

Do you possess the slick piloting skills necessary to handle one of the most advanced fighter jets ever to grace the skies?F/A-18 Hornetis a highly-challenging, twin-engine supersonic combat jet flying simulation game where you must complete pilot training, and undertake tricky missions with the might of a F/A-18 Hornet at your fingertips. Use your computer mouse to guide the F/A18 along the path of the lead enemy airplane for as long as you can, dodge and avoid enemy missiles, take out opposition jets, bomb land-based targets, and more!

This very intense, virtual fighter jet flying game requires expert mouse movement and keyboard controls. With awesome 3D graphics and super-tough piloting controls, you really feel immersed in the thick of the action! So strap yourself in, and get ready for a crazy, high-octane battle in the sky! Good luck up there Top Gun – Were banking on you to defend our nation!

Dash around a confined desert battlefield, and eliminate enemy tanks with accurate missile shots in this high-energy, survival game for 1 and 2 players!Tanksis a straight-forward, aiming and accuracy-based skill game where you must use fast reactions and sharp keyboard tapping and mouse control skills to maneuver a speedy tank around a small battlefield area. With enemies approaching from all angles, you must blast your way to victory in increasingly-difficult levels.

Intrusionis a highly-challenging, platform-based, side-scrolling shooter game for older kids where you must blast your way through five levels of enemies including robots, skilled enemy combatants, and helicopters. You play the role of a Rambo-style, stealth commando figure, and must quickly move through tricky platform and ledge-filled levels, eliminating enemies through intense combat, accurate shooting, and generally causing as much mayhem as possible!

Reasons to play this addicting, action shooter game:Dash around the 6 different battle grounds, use the terrain to your advantage, and try to outsmart your opponent with tricky maneuvers and shrewd combat tactics. Forget about fancy weapons, power-ups and add-ons, this is a straightforward one-on-one contest where skill and cool heads prevail.

Its a tricky challenge shooting and driving at the same time, but the rewards are worth it. You can stop driving and focus on protecting the fish (shooting the birds) but then youll never make it to the drop off point. You have to drive like a rally racer and shoot like a sniper at the same time! If all the fish get stolen, its game over. The birds are relentless and will dive into the tank continually until all the fish are gone. You need to take them out every last one of them!

Skills required:This challenging, mouse-only action game requires a good blend of sharp hand-eye coordination, observation and anticipation skills, swift reflexes, and accurate mouse-clicking. Although the clock is ticking, patience, focus, and concentration skills are also vitally important. Wild, undisciplined shooting will almost certainly result in level failure so you must remain cool-headed at all times – just like a seasoned archery expert.

Jets Of Waris a very challenging 3D dogfight simulation game for teens where you play the role of the Top Gun fighter jet pilot primed to protect friendly oil rigs in an intense air battle at sea. This mission is a complete solo run! Set in an intense battle environment with awesome graphics, this is as extreme as it gets! You must destroy the numerous enemy warships which are firing on the oil rigs, as well as the opposing fighter aircraft (known as bogeys) that are zooming menacingly hot on your tail in the skies around you.

Dropped behind enemy lines, the legendary Sergent Blitz is about to find out that sneaking through a jungle packed with extremely hostile adversaries isnt exactly a walk in the park!Western Blitzkrieg 2is a military-themed, shoot em up, platform game for older kids where you play the role of Sgt. Blitz on a daring solo mission to find a hidden army barracks. Equipped with an impressive arsenal of guns and grenades, you have to carefully inch your way through the dangerous side-scrolling jungle, eliminating as many camouflaged baddies, and picking up valuable clues to the elusive barracks location as you progress.

Challenge your friends and family members to a high-intensity 2 or 3-player arcade tank battle!AZis a straight-forward yet addicting online shooting action game for kids & teens where two or three players engage in a furious maze-based conflict featuring speedy tanks, huge explosives, and more! With a perfect overhead view of the battle field, players must race around the enclosed zone, collect weapon upgrades, and basically try to eliminate their opponent/s as quickly as possible!

Strategy to win:Try to combine good front foot attacking play with smart defensive movement. Try not to leave your tank in the one position for more than a couple of seconds Dodge and weave around the battlefield to confuse your enemies. Use power-ups and special weapons to your advantage.

Quick reactions and sharp keyboard tapping skills are key to tank-blasting success in this fun 2D Flash shooting game. Good battle strategy is also extremely important on the narrow maze battlefield. You really need to avoid enemy fire while getting yourself into good attacking positions. But are you the type of player who waits for your opponent to make the first move? Or do you go chasing your rival with a gung-ho attitude? Its time to show your stripes!

Orange Jet Fighteris an extremely-challenging yet cool 3D fighter pilot simulation game where you must call on all of your skills, wits and determination to complete really tricky combat flying missions and defeat hostile aircraft in a powerful orange jet plane. You play the role of the Allied Forces Chief Pilot, and are called into action whenever suspect aircraft are spotted in the area. When dealing with these hostiles, your objective is clear: Shoot to destroy!

Background:The Government Space Department launched a project to explore new planets. Your ship successfully took off but then something went drastically wrong and you lost contact with earth. You were on your own, drifting in deep dark space until eventually you landed on an unknown planet, inhabited by fearsome and hostile green aliens. Now, you have to eliminate these nasty creatures (by any means necessary) if you want to survive. They are coming at you (in force) and are trying to destroy both you and your ship. These horrendous scavengers show no mercy they mean business! You need to take them out – one by one and try and save your ship from utter destruction! It is your only chance of escape back to Mother Earth.

You score points for every bird you shoot. With the points you earn, you can then go on to buy upgrades for your weapon and truck, that will help you throughout the game. These can be pricey but are well worth it, especially in the higher levels of the game when things get very intense. At first, the upgrades might not seem too important but later on they become essential! Theres a wide range of upgrades to choose from, everything from laser rifles and guided missiles to bio shields and jet booster fuel. Ready for some fast-paced bird-blasting action? OK, time to get busy! Drive carefully and watch your back!

The cartoonish 2D graphics, funny parachute landing, and fluid gameplay makes this awesome army adventure a real treat for shoot em up games enthusiasts! Reminiscent of classic arcade games such as Cannon Fodder and Tiny Soldiers, you have to strategically plan out your route through each level. A bomb-blasting, bullet fest simply wont work as your opponents greatly outnumber Sgt Blitz, who sees himself as a lone wolf! Have you got the shrewd military know-how, and keyboard-tapping prowess to complete the mission and ensure Sgt. Blitz remains one of the worlds most respected reconnaissance soldiers? Its time to get your Blitz on good luck out there in that jungle!

You are the convoys Guardian Angel, and must guide them safely back to the base to become the hero of the hour! This is an extremely tough task however, as the sheer number of enemy aircraft can be overwhelming. You also have to contend with anti-aircraft turret guns which try to bring your chopper down. Youll need quick reactions and slick piloting skills to succeed here, as enemies keep popping up out of nowhere to strike. Your strategic planning abilities will also come into play, as you have to carefully shoot down other choppers to create a path for your allies to make it home. Are you ready to give it your all, Black-Hawk Hero? Good, its time to blast the bad guys!

Bandit: Gunslingeris an old wild west-themed, side-scrolling, shooting and platform game where you must make your way along the roof of a moving train, eliminating enemies and dodging obstacles as you progress! You play the role of a principled gunslinger, and must fight off a gang of scruffy bandits out to get you! One mistake – and youre a goner!

This paintball sniper game requires super-quick reactions with your computer mouse (or touchpad) and Click finger as you have to quickly change the direction of your shot depending on the movement of your targets. You need a steady hand and accurate firing skills as the irritating little faces move quickly around the office, shielding from fire and trying to dodge your paintballs. Can you rid the office and your day of these little pests for once and for all? Good luck Paintball Sharpshooter!

Skills required:This challenging shoot-em-up arcade game combines aiming and accuracy-based shooting activity with platform-style, run-and-jump action. Sharp reflexes, hand-eye coordination and anticipation skills are absolutely essential here. Strategic planning, stealth combat tactics, and courage are needed! No serious soldier wades into a gunfight without knowing the surroundings and what to expect from the enemy. Multi-tasking comes into play as you tactfully control both your computer mouse and keyboard simultaneously in mid-battle.

Reasons to play this cool online dogfighting game:Fighter jet aficionados and war plane buffs should enjoy the realistic action and in-depth mission details. This awesome PC game plays as a stern exercise and test of your concentration and observation skills, hand-eye coordination, fast reactions, stamina, determination, persistence, and more. Increase your skills as your graduate from basic training to full-on fighter pilot extraordinaire!

Aiming, accuracy games to play for free online for kids on PC, on the internet at home & at school: 3D space shooting, alien shooting, rifle/ shotgun shooting games, one player/ multiplayer actions games to play without download. Fast-paced reactions skills games, fun activities for kids, teens (boys & girls).

Play popular aiming & accuracy shooting games online, airplane games, space alien games, fast action games for supervised children, teens & Big Kids. You can now also

Reasons to play this fast-paced, cowboy action game:This is a good fun, old-fashioned, wild-west shootout on top of a fast-moving locomotive! It doesnt get much more old-school arcade than this! Exercise your fast reactions and observation skills as you fend off enemies from both sides, and leap over obstacles to remain upright on the train.

Complete concentration, good decision making skills, super-quick reflexes, and keyboard control are essential here as you try to swiftly maneuver your jet around the chaotic combat zone. Whether firing missiles, dropping bombs, or simply avoiding fire, your aircraft control has to be at its peak if you want to succeed. Even the minutest mistake can result in a disastrous crash, or an instantaneous advantage to the enemy. The question is – Have you got what it takes to become a Top Gun?

Top Secret message from the Elite Fighter Pilot Force:Captain – congratulations, your flying and combat skills have impressed the powers that be. We believe youve got what it takes to become a member of the EFPF. However, before you can officially earn your stripes weve got one final mission for you to prove your worth.

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