Anime Fighting Jam – NEW VERSION 2 Hacked

first is 1 vs comp second is 2 players third is comp vs comp fourth is training fifth is direction (not in english) sixth is key change seventh is credits (not in english)

The game is not in English! Click the button below the ad to start. Once the battle starts press key 1 for unlimited power and life. The menu choices are 1P vs Comp (first menu choice) and thats as much as we know … keys are WASD to move UIOJKL to fight.

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just use down front and l or down back and l for special attack

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how to use skills= s+d+j s+a+j s+d+k s+a+k how to use ultimate power: s+d+l s+a+l

this game is good its like king of fighters wing


Campaign Arena (you can fight player vs player or player vs computer here) (unsure) i think it means simulation training controls controls configuration credits

i got hit and hit the ground and now im in that pose

Anime Fighting Jam – NEW VERSION 2 is a great new 1 Vs 1 fighting game in a great manga style animation. Select from 6 fighters and then fight all your opponents is this great fighting game.

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Anime Fighting Jam - NEW VERSION 2 Hacked

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