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Who doesnt knowBatman?The super hero has returned! Help Batman save the people of Gotham City in this Batman game release – Cobblebot Caper. Find and eliminate the evil Penguin to save the innocent people of Gotham City from his mischievous plans. Beware of enemies sent by the Penguin. They might be hiding anywhere.

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How to Play:Press A key to throw a batarang toward the direction you are facing. Press on S to punch and D to kick the enemy. The Up arrow key is to look up, down arrow key is to duck, and the left and right arrow keys are to move to one or the other side accordingly. Press Spacebar button to jump or press and hold spacebar to glide across a pit or over your enemies. Take care Batman, and defeat the evil Penguin!

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Fight your enemies by throwing batarangs, punching or kicking them. You have to fly from one building to another and collect batarangs on your way. Sometimes you need to run as fast as you can if enemies outnumber you or fight them all at once. You are in the city at night, visiting various labs, undergrounds and other frightening places where the entrances and exits might be hidden and it takes time to find them. Use the elevators and your ability to fly and glide to find your way.

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