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– the main hero got into the secret laboratory where he was turned into a zombie. Help him revenge! Turn people into walking dead with the help of a zombie virus and enlarge your army. Move across the big city and bite passers-by. Power up your zombies.

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– try to survive in the city destroyed by zombie apocalypse. Shoot at zombie dogs, zombie rats, zombie citizens, zombie soldiers and other walking dead. Buy new kinds of weapons and upgrade them. Destroy huge mutated zombie bosses.

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The zombinizer – full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

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Grand theft auto: Liberty city stories

– you are going to visit a big city of the future where dynamic battles against combat robots and other enemies are waiting for you. Gather a team of heroes having unique skills and fantastic weapons. Switch between characters to make them stronger together in the battle. Team up with friends from all over the world to defeat powerful bosses.

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– go to the post apocalypse world. Explore wild deserted lands inhabited by zombies and devastators. Destroy zombies, gather loots and upgrade items of outfit. Try to clear out the reasons of the zombie virus plague. Build and upgrade your shelter. Gather your own zombie squad and attack shelters of other players.

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– play as a professional soldier, take part in dynamic battles in the city streets, industrial objects and wild locations. Move across the battle field, make use of objects to hide from enemy fire. Pick up weapons, medicine kits and other useful objects scattered across the map. Shoot fast and accurately and win the battles.

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– control a modern combat tank. Take part in the team battles on different maps. Interact with allies and destroy enemy tanks. Ask for the aviation support, apply a smoke screen and other abilities in critical situations.

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Armored warfare: Assault – free download only on our site!

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– become the last survived and destroy all opponents. You will land the battle field without any items of outfit. Explore the location carefully to get weapons and outfit. All players you meet on the way are your opponents. Try to survive on the big battle field!

Best free Action games for iPhone, iPad, iPod

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At our site you can find any new iOS game. Download ipa files using QR code or WAP. The most cheapest way ofiOS app advertisingis a promotion of your game on Facebook page, VK group and Youtube channel. Every day we add free Action iPhone games. They are sorted by types and features so it is very convenient to use our archive. Action is one of the most popular genres. Lots of people enjoy playing these exciting games. They will help you to spend hours of your leisure time in the most exciting way.

– suppress the rebellion of robots who flooded the world. Move across the map, use coverings and shoot accurately. Fight for your life in different corners of the world. Be ready to fight against robots of different types from small drones to armored tanks.

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– help a team of heroes survive in the city full of walking dead. The heroes stand back to back and shoot at zombies attacking them from all the sides. Select such a way that zombies cant reach characters. Shoot at the approaching monsters and zombie bosses.

– defend a planet from the alien threat. Buy high technological armor and weapons matching your playing style. Team up with friends to crush powerful bosses. Fight against evil aliens and rescue the planet!

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