Best PlayStation VR games Big PS4 VR titles 2018

Vive and Rift faveBeat Saberis coming to Sonys VR headset letting you slash beats in this VR rhythm game. The good news is that the developers behind the Star Wars/Guitar Hero mash-up is also working on a multiplayer mode so you slash things up with your mates too.

After falling in love withSprint Vectoron HTC Vive, were thrilled its now available on PS VR too. The game employs some interesting locomotion techniques, asking you get from point A to point B by swinging your arms in a skiing-like motion, while youll also have to climb walls and even fly like Superman. Not only does this make movement feel more natural, it helps avoid the feeling of motion sickness.

One of the best VR games hits PlayStation.Superhotsunique mechanic means time only moves when you do, turning you into a total bullet-dodging badass. While the limitations of the PS VRs camera make this version feel a little more constrained than the others, its still just as much fun. A hot mess, in the best way possible.

Multiplayer is fun with 3 v 3 capture the prey gameplay, but the story missions and challenges start more serenely collecting items, perfecting your tilting technique, gliding over rivers or swooping underground before moving onto battles in the sky. Theres also free roam if you just want to feel like youre flying for a while and admire the beaut CG view. Ubisoft has also made it cross-platform (as it will for its future VR lineup), meaning you can play with friends who have an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

An immersive, intelligent puzzle game from Tarsier Studios,Statikis short and sweet, but makes expert use of VR. If youre a fan of games likePortalthen this is right up your street. If youre not, wed recommend trying it anyway. Again, not a lengthy game, but one that gives you plenty to think about.

Youre a mouse with a sword exploring an enchanted wood sold yet? This is another third-person, charm-filled VR platformer game in the style ofLuckys Tale.Not only doesMossfurther diversify the PS VR lineup of games, but it really ups the stakes in virtual reality storytelling with some expert world-building from developer Polyarc.

A prequel to Supermassive Gamess horror titleUntil Dawn, this places you inside a mental institute 60 years prior. Its scary one of the scariest games you can pick up on PS VR right now but short enough to not outstay its welcome. Convincing storytelling and interesting use of voice interaction make for a creepy, immersive piece of VR.

You hit your DualShock controller to match a drum beat as you would in a more relaxingGuitar Hero-style scenario. Ominous graphics pulse all around as you control a bug hurtling down a track. There are also obstacles and combos of rhythms to take down big bosses. Pretty damn unique.

This PS VR exclusive was the launch title for the newAim Controller, which comes with vibration feedback and motion sensing. Think ofFarpointas a more modern version of classic arcade shooters likeHouse Of The Dead, except in VR and youre a space marine thats crash landed on a hostile alien planet. Weve really enjoyed what weve played, but be warned that its quite a short experience. Multiplayer PvP is also coming down the road.

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The first person shooter is set in a world where mechanical monsters called titans battle head-to-head. Expect free locomotion movement, strategy and destructible environments. This launch video is enough to make us want to know much more about what else Megalith has to offer.

As long as you know what youre getting here a bright, simple, beginner friendly set of simulator games you wont be disappointed. A great choice to show scared family members what VR is like in a world that plays fast and loose with the definition of job. The Move controllers are your hands, and your workspace is your toybox. Hours of fun guaranteed. Its also freakin hilarious.

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The developers say that the aim of the game is to make you feel the power of controlling these golems. It will be interesting to see where they take this mechanic. The game was scheduled for release in March 2018, but has been delayed for final polishing with a new date yet to be confirmed.

Its a bit odd launching your head at a virtual ball at first but youll soon get the hang of it. Most repeat plays at Wareable HQ so far.

Free (with PlayStation VR Worlds $39.99),

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Be the Batman in VR what more sell do you need than that? TheArkhamgame from Rocksteady Studios remains one of our favourite PS VR titles and sees you exploring iconic Gotham locations like the Batcave. The game focuses on Batmans skills as a detective, but dont worry, youll still get plenty of opportunities to throw around some Batarangs.

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Ubisofts experimental VR demo is now an official PlayStation VR title.Eagle Flightis a third-person game/experience of, well, flying as an eagle over the streets of Paris. Only there are no people, and animals roam the city.

The story is a comic book-style murder mystery, with a fairly slow pace and dark mood. But interacting with other characters, rewinding time at crime scenes, putting on the Batsuit and fighting high above Gotham are all pretty thrilling in these gorgeous, detailed VR environments. (Our tip: Best played with Move controllers and standing, though you can use DualShock if you prefer).

Weve stacked up a fair few hours in PS VR land, playing the top-rated games that are out now and available to buy, to help make sure you dont pick up a VR dud from the PlayStation Store.

The PS4 remake of Segas psychedelic rail-shooterRez a PlayStation 2 cult classic now includes VR support, not to mention upgraded graphics. With gameplay that might not last you more than an hour, you may think the price is high, but you wont feel shortchanged. The combination of intense, abstract visuals and music here is hard to beat in terms of immersion. A must-download.

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This multiplayer space shooter from CCP Games is a fast-paced dogfight set in theEVE: Onlineuniverse, and now its even bigger with theWarzoneexpansion pack, which adds new modes but also removes the necessity of wearing a headset at all (it also includes the entire base game). You can play against other PS VR friends in short, fun sessions, swap ships and try out capture the flag modes. Plus, dying in this game is strangely magical.

In the list below, weve put our top picks of the moment on top, and below that are the upcoming games were most excited for. Some are PS4 titles which now have a VR mode, some were built specifically for virtual reality.

If you want a quick go of something and youre into football/soccer, youll probably soon get addicted to Headmaster as three quarters of the UK Wareable team already have. Its a simple task of heading balls at (sometimes moving) targets, bombs, around goalies etc that gets trickier, and is one of the easiest games to pass around to play.

Winner of our VR/AR Experience of the Year award at the2017 Wareable Tech Awards,Resident Evilis back, and its better than the series has been in quite some time. Not only that, but the latest entry,Biohazard, lets you play entirely in VR for added scares. Its a great showcase of how PS VR can go the distance with a full-length game, a quality entry to the franchise, and downright terrifying to boot. Bring a spare set of pants.

Tiny Traxis proof that VR games dont have to take a first-person view to feel immersive. ThinkMicro Machinesbut the track is winding around you, as you watch the cars race past your face, over your head, and even underwater which yes, requires submerging your head beneath the virtual ocean.

Set in Londons gritty criminal underworld, this is one of the five experiences inVR Worlds.TheLondon Heistallows you to use the PlayStation Move controllers in both hands for added realism, so you can duck for cover, hang out of windows, smoke a cigar and manually reload your gun with clips, all while feeling like a total badass.

Taking the original VR first-person-tank-battle Atari game and 21st-centurying it is certainly a bold ambition, but the results are great. The motion is slower, because its tanks, which reduces sickness, and the blocky graphics work well with PlayStation VRs tech limitations. Youve also got a campaign and co-op mode for your money.

This is a PlayStation exclusive from Highwire Games and its certainly piqued our interest. You play as a young girl controlling golems, via your eyes and movements, while creeping through ancient ruins filled with treasures.

Freaky yet mesmerising,Thumperis a rhythm violence game that is one of the most intense experiences you can have on the PlayStation VR.

We couldnt miss100ft Robot Golffrom No Goblinoff this list. It does what it says on the tin, really. Four players can urban golf, as robots, at once because its all just crazy and silly plus if big old buildings or other robots are in your way, the idea is that you smash them down to take your shot. Not an essential buy but silly fun nonetheless.

Putting on your own cockney accent while you top bad geezers is totally optional. Theres only about 20/30 minutes of gameplay, and its a shame we wont get more, but its still worth checking out.

PS4 owners have got it made when it comes to VR. They dont have to spend hundreds on aHTC Viveor anOculus Riftalong with a high specced PC to power it and theres still an amazing list of games to choose from.

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How excited you are about Ubisoft and Red StormsStar TrekVR game depends on just how much you want to fiddle with Federation starship controls and well, how much youre intoStar Trek. Down with both? Proceed. But even ifStar Trekisnt your thing,Bridge Crewis one of the best showcases right now of what multiplayer VR can be, as you and three other people must work together to command the USS Aegis through the wonders and dangers of space.

Movie production studio Skydance Interactive makes its virtual reality debut with this on-the-rails arcade shooter. Strapped inside a giant mech, each arm loaded with an arsenal of weapons at your disposal, you must help lead the United States Free Forces in their war against HUMNX. Move controllers are optional for controlling the mechs arms, but wed recommend them.

Sonys headset, which plays nice with all PS4 consoles, isnt the most technically impressive headset of the premium tier, but its arguably the easiest to get going with and with 130 newVR gamesslated to land in 2018, theres plenty to play on it as well.

Heres one to bring the scares. Stick one of your friends into this first person survival shooter on the difficult level and watch them jump for some great lols. We dont want to ruin too much but if youre scared of clowns, zombies or old-timey theme parks, you might not want to play this too close to bedtime.

UnlikeSkyrim, Bethesdas VR twist onDoomis a totally new experience. For that reason it feels a bit more of a natural fit, and includes support for the PS VR Aim controller for added blood-splattering immersion. Locomotion is approached a bit differently here too, with a combination of teleportation and short leaps, which only adds to the characteristic frenetic gameplay. Get some.

Yes, theres a VR boxing game based on the lastRockyfilm on the way and it looks like it could actually be a good one. It centres around Adonis Creed as you pick up the gloves and punch your way through Creeds stories or just fancy jabbing through exhibition matches. If youre not a fan of Creed, you can always pick up the gloves with a young Rocky Balboa instead.

In Cryteks adventure title you take on the role of a boy who has crash-landed on a breathtaking planet, which is the closest youll come to experiencingJurassic Parkfor now. The lack of motion controls is a shame, and visually its not among the best, butThe Journeyis still a great game of substantial length, making it a rare beast right now.

Brought to you by the folks behindThe GetawayandLondon HeistPS VR launch experiences, this is one rail-shooter-slash-gangster tale we are looking forward to playing in 2018. The meat and bones of this game is the shooting and likeHeist,that looks set to be just as satisfying and enjoyable an experience in VR.

Sony has already revealed a host of new PS VR games that will be dropping in 2018 including a bunch of new announcements from E3 2018 (You can see highlights in the video above). Heres our pick of the upcoming games that have caught our eye.

A firm fave from other VR platforms like Oculus/Gear VR,Keep Talking And Nobody Explodesis a neat example of a group PlayStation VR game (from Steel Crate Games) for the living room. One of you wears the VR headset, the rest have a manual to help you defuse a ticking bomb. Expect frustration. A lot of frustration. For two to four players.

Let us know what youre playing in the comments section below.

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Namco Bandais arcade flightAce Combatseries comes to the PS4 and VR with photorealistic graphics, authentic and futuristic aircrafts to choose from and no doubt familiar dogfighting action.

This spy-themed escape-the-room puzzler is one of our favourite VR games yet, and the title doesnt lie: you are going to diea lot. Plonked into a series of tricky situations, youll have to use your brains to come up with an exit strategy before it all goes to hell. Can you escape or more pertinently, how many different ways can you die?

Rec Roomis all about having fun in VR with other friends. Crucially, those friends dont have to be wearing a PS VR headset as well to join in on the fun. Thats because this social game works with the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality for cross-play action. In this VR space, you can play pinball, 3D charades and something called disc golf as well. Its out now and it wont cost you anything to play it.

From the creators of PS4-exclusiveBloodborne, comesDracin(a French word that means uprooted) that puts you in the role of a, spirit summoned by a young girl in a secluded boarding school. The trailer doesnt give too much away as far as what we can expect fromDracin,but it does have enough creep factor to have us intrigued about what this game has in store when it arrives for PlayStations VR headset.

Its one of the pricier PS VR games on our list, but if youre a fan of the open world RPG great, then youre probably going to have some time forSkyrim VR.Adding support for Sonys VR headset adds a new dimension to roaming the lands where youre pretty much free to do whatever you want. It works with both PlayStation Move controllers and the DualShock 4 as well, giving you options on how you can best pick up and ditch the items that you find on your travels.

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