best puzzle adventure games

The Witness is definitely intriguing from the outset, but stumbles under the weight of its open world.

A tactical strategy game that emphasizes stealth.

The fourth installment in The Room series revolves around a disappearance, a strange artifact, and peculiar dollhouse. The gameplay style returns as you interact with ornate 3D objects, and uncover the mysteries within the transforming dollhouse.

Continue the search for the last win monk in this puzzle adventure sequel that can stand alone. The game features an ornate storyline, professional voice acting, ornate details, and plenty of humor.

Rearrange the panels to create a continuing storyline among beautiful artwork. Each shifting panel reveals new intricacies and mysteries in an ornately detailed puzzle game.

A text driven adventure game set in the last 21st century with a noir theme.

Cat Island is full of felines, both wild and domesticated, and now you can date them while uncovering the islands dark secrets.

Reigns returns in an all new time period with all new swipe based choices.

The developers over at Rusty Lake have an interesting sense of style, and its even present in their games. Their latest point and click adventure delivers the familiar style, but with an all new storyline that is bound to intrigue you.

Every president in history has been kidnapped, and its up to you to take on the crazy band of adversaries. There are procedurally generated bases to sneak through to keep the missions fresh.

Point and Click adventure games excelled in the early 90s on PC. Theyre a natural fit for touch screens, and the style has seen a renaissance in the App Store. This list includes the best point-and-click adventure games for iOS.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery lets anyone play out their wizarding dreams on-the-go.

A mythical adventure game based on finno-ugric tales with Chud tribe artifacts.

The follow up to Reigns introduces a queen as the protagonist in the era of Enlightenment. Swipe left and right to handle the various attacks at your throne.

Vandals is a unique turn-based stealth puzzler where you must leave your mark on the city in the form of street art.

The makers of I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator have a new crazy concept game for you to try.

The game features over 40,000 words spread across 35 illustrated scenes. There is a branching storyline with mini puzzles along the way as you try to solve the case.

The sequel continues the storyline of the original, and yet still delivers a stand alone puzzle experience. The game is set in the jungle, and you need to figure out a wide variety of puzzles to proceed through the temples.

A point and click adventure game with deluxe production values and plenty of humor.

Ace Attorney returns with a new protagonist and set up.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is finally available, and it lets you live out your dreams of being a witch or wizard at Hogwarts.

Swipe vertically across panels to introduce new elements that work towards a solution. In each level, you need to figure out the right combination of panels for Polo to traverse the danger filled level.

Instead of playing as Phoenix Wright in the court room, you get to play as Miles Edgeworth at the crime scene. Figure out the puzzle sequences in the crime scene to solve murders.

The tactile 3D puzzle adventure returns with all new puzzles to interact with.

An episodic decision based adventure game with the ability to rewind time.

You play as the Mooseman, and you can see the three laters of the universe that arent present to the mortal eye. Use this ability to travel through the murky lower level, the middle world of mortal men, and the upper world of the gods.

An episodic decision based adventure game with the ability to rewind time.

The curious case of Rusty Lake returns with an all new story to play through.

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