Commando 3

Master the art of advanced warfare, drive extreme vehicles and dodge death all over again. Can Commando free the world from the looming threat of World War 3 as he begins his mission in Stalingrad?

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In Commando 3 a new enemy has emerged and they are planning to infiltrate Egypt, Normandy and Berlin. Its up to you to skilfully control Commando on the battlefield, use dozens of different types of weapons and defeat the many enemies to save the day once more.

HONK! New game klaxon! waits for teacher/boss to look away

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Commando returns! Having fought through hordes of enemies in Commando 2 our hero emerged victorious, ready to fight another day. Unfortunately a heros work is never done – and so hes been called upon once more to save the day.

– Score a massive 8,000,000 points in Hard mode to win the Commando 3 PLATINUM Award. Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate Commando?/

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– You must play the Hard mode and score a massive 7,000,000 points to win this award!/

– Take up arms once again to defend the world from the evil forces. Score 1,000,000 to win the bronze!/

– Use every weapon in your disposal and destroy everything in your path and win the silver by scoring at least 2,000,000 points/

Zombs Royale is a 100 player 2D Battle Royale! Last player standing wins!

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– Defeat every boss destroy all the levels and score 3,000,000 points to win the gold!/

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