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I arrived just as the evening doors were opening, and ended up grabbing a stool at the bar rather than one of the booths. The interior keeps the roadside shack vibe but with a hip update. The staff was friendly and attentive, and they were patient with questions from a new customer.

The meat options are the star at Game, and they are indeed wide and varied. From Wagyu to kangaroo, from venison to antelope to bison, Game is letting you know there is a whole meat world out there beyond the standard Angus burger (although you can get that, too).

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at Louisvilles unique Game restaurantEatKentucky: Take a walk on the wild side

I was torn between the duck and the kangaroo, but settled on the latter simply because where else am I going to get a kangaroo burger? While certainly unusual to Kentucky palates, kangaroo is growing in use throughout the world. Kangaroo herds in Australia are similar to white tail deer in the U.S., an animal that reproduces beyond what the habitat can sustain, and that places incredible pressure on agriculture. Eating kangaroo is not only sustainable, but environmentally friendly.

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Just off Grinstead Drive on Lexington Road, the exterior of Game looks like a catfish shack one might stumble across on a lonely drive while on a hunting trip. I think thats exactly what Game wants it to look like, sending the message that youre in for something off the beaten path.

Louisvilles Game restaurant is a burger spot with imagination. Not content simply to offer a great burgersomething theyre quite good atthey have sought out an imaginative array of different meats to put in those burgers.

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At Louisvilles Game restaurant, meat options are the star of the show. (Photos by Alan Cornett)

Each of Games meats is offered as a chefs burger, the way the house thinks you ought to eat it. But they dont limit you to this. Theres a build-your-own burger option where you can mix and match meat, toppings, and buns to your own liking. I think youre better off to stick with the chefs burgers to start. Build your own is probably best for later experimentation.

While searching for a side, my waiter suggested their grilled corn, which is served with truffle mayo and parmesan cheese. Do notI repeatdo not miss out on the grilled corn. Its absolutely a home run offering, and helps make the visit to Game something well beyond a regular burger joint.

Alan Cornett is chief eater and writer . A native of Clay County, he has been eating in Kentucky for decades. Follow Alan as he eats his way through the Commonwealth, exploring its restaurants and foodways. Alan lives, eats and writes in Lexington.

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Game offers not only a great burger, but one of Kentuckys most unique eating experiences. It would be great to see many of their meat options more widely available (Im looking at you, Lexington), but until that happens, hop on over to Game for some kangaroo.

Grilled corn with truffle mayo and parmesan cheese

Monday Friday: 11 a.m. 2 p.m. 5 11 p.m.

The good news is, kangaroo tastes awfully good. It has a noticeably sweet and rich taste. Game doesnt simply rely on offering exotic meats but does an excellent job in constructing their burgers. Their standard pretzel bun is a nice choice, the greens were leafy and fresh. After such a success with kangaroo, I was busily searching for koala (alas, Game doesnt offer thatyet).

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