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Skills required:This tricky, online brain teaser game requires smart analytical thinking skills and strategy, really good teamwork, and great determination and persistence. Each of the troupe has a particular skill, and you must figure out how to utilize each individual to progress the story along. Sharp observation skills are important as you try to pick out items and objects that might aid your quest. A curious mind is needed as you try to figure out when and where to deploy each character.

Your job as good citizen and expert problem solver is to find and engineer a solution to each level. For example, through creating pathways and passable jumping routes, carefully and creatively lowering bridges, and more. Good teamwork is the order of the day here as you must craftily utilize the individual attributes of both characters to contribute toward both pals reaching the Finish point of each level.

Reasons to play this science fiction, point-and-click adventure game: If you enjoy tricky, step-by-step, hidden object / brain teaser-style games with a sense of mystery and suspense, youre in the right place! The immersive, first-person viewpoint here keeps you bang in the center of the action, and is reminiscent of classic PC adventure games such as Doom. Test and exercise your cognitive, logical and analytical thinking skills as you attempt to engineer a solution to escape your environment.

Break your ninja buddy out of jail by solving dozens of complex mini puzzles in this highly-challenging, point-and-click sleuthing game for older players – middle school, high school, college students, adults:Steal The Wheel Episode 1is an engaging, prison escape-themed puzzler where you must strategically break into a police station and piece together various different clues and items in order to unlock the cell door of your ninja companion Reju.

Skills required:This cool, action-packed, medieval-style arcade game requires high levels of concentration and determination as you face down the multiple enemies and powerful bosses in each level. Sharp reactions and hand-eye coordination, and savvy anticipation skills are essential as you must often contend with a potentially overwhelming number of baddies swarming the area. If two player mode is activated, good teamwork is essential as you and your partner must work in tandem to defeat enemies!

Spaceman Journey 4is a classic-style, platform jumping game for kids where you have to guide a stranded astronaut through a series of challenging, alien-filled levels against the clock. Its the 23rd century in a Galaxy far, far away and legendary spaceman Buzz has crash-landed on an unknown planet filled with the wackiest alien creatures imaginable. Unfortunately for Buzz, his ship was damaged in the crash, and dozens of microchips were scattered around this colorful-yet-creepy alien wasteland. Help Buzz gather up this valuable equipment, and return to Earth before its too late!

This interactive brain teaser activity combines typical platform-style running & jumping action with intricate problem-solving challenges. Good creative engineering skills are required here as you work out how to use each individual character as a tool in order to negotiate your way through each level, and to ensure your Scoregamites work as unselfish team players by stacking on top of each other, standing on switches, becoming platforms etc. You also need to use good concentration and observation skills, deft keyboard tapping, and pinpoint timing in order to weave your way around obstacles and through each increasingly tricky level. Can you help all 7 characters to escape to freedom? Enjoy the spirit of teamwork!

Reasons to play this wacky online brain teaser:If you enjoy linear, step-by-step sleuthing games, this tricky game provides a good fun challenge.Sharp logical and analytical thinking skills alongside good strategy as you combine various random items to your advantage. The quality animations and witty characters also create a cool storyline.

Skills required:This interactive, visual brain teaser adventure challenge requires focus, sharp observation skills, great determination and dedication. Good old common sense also comes into play as you attempt to connect seemingly random objects together. Smart analytical thinking and problem-solving skills are also very important here!

Your quick reactions will really come into play here, as you have to dash through some areas at high speed as ledges collapse beneath you. Your timing and prediction skills will also be needed, as you have to carefully choose the correct moment to make a jump, depending on a moving platforms position. Are you ready to take on this epic platform adventure quest? Lets hope so! Good luck.

Skills required:This extremely tricky, interactive brain teaser adventure game provides a stern mental challenge that tests and exercises your memory, focus, concentration, observation skills, determination and stamina. Sharp logical and analytical thinking must be applied to solve the various number and symbol-based mini puzzles (some of which include hidden object-style games). Good old common sense problem-solving is also required to link similar items and codes.

Play a cool, fun, teamwork-based, point-and-click puzzle game! Help three eccentric thieves pull off one last heist in 19th century Paris inThe Three Thieves- a stimulating, challenging and very charming RPG adventure game where you must guide three old-school criminals through a series of 6 light-hearted, mouse-clicking puzzles. Using your computer mouse, you must interact with objects and obstacles throughout each level in order to help Rob, Meaty, and Slim complete their tasks. Steal items and combine them, alternate between the three thieves, and utilize each characters individual attributes to pull off amazing feats of virtual thievery!

Free adventure games online for kids (girls and boys) to play now with no download. Fun new 3d flash action games for PC, Mac, iPad, cool Shockwave games, mazes puzzles, addicting RPG adventure games, safe virtual world games for teenagers online free.

Sword-fight your way through multiple minions and beastly bosses in this epic, side-scrolling, beat-em-up-style action game for one or two players!Double Edgedis a highly-challenging, ancient Greek-themed, action adventure game where you play the role of a determined sword-wielding warrior who must reclaim the land from the wicked king bosses! Fighting solo presents an extremely-tricky task, so it is recommended that you co-op with a best friend or family member to form a double-edged attack in two player mode!

Loa and the Island Questis a fun and challenging platform adventure game for kids where you play the role of Loa the futuristic diva who has been sent back in time to protect the Earth. Centuries into the future, a terrifying Evil has infested the whole universe so the humans have sent brave Space Pilot Loa back in time to locate the source of this Evil, and destroy it. Her space travels have brought her to a primitive tropical island, where spikes, volcanoes and ravines try to stop her in her quest.

This enchanting mouse clicking RPG adventure requires a lot of patience, determination, a very alert and open mind with good analytical and creative problem solving skills, the ability to think outside of the box, an inquisitive nature, and a desire for discovery. Be prepared to explore each and every minute detail in order to progress through each brain teasing challenge. Exercise all of your problem solving skills to help Shapik find routes, climb ropes, lower bridges, discover hidden objects, converse with strange creatures and forest inhabitants along the way, and more. Can you navigate through this beautiful and fascinating world, and find & rescue Shapiks sister? Lets hope so. Happy adventure!

Skinnyis a very cool physics-based, platform adventure puzzle game for older kids and teens where you must guide an unusual drone-like robot on a series of challenging quests to help various people in need. Unlock your imagination as you enter an enchanting online world of silhouettes, secrets, and mysterious intrigue Set in a bleak yet strangely-beautiful, futuristic landscape, you have to maneuver the affable robot (known as Skinny due to his spider-like legs and thin metal arms) through underground mazes, into sky-high treehouses, and onto awkwardly-positioned ledges on an epic journey to recover batteries and other lost items. Under the tutelage of the enigmatic Mama, Skinny has the ability to reach impossible heights, nooks, and crannies with the help of his retractable, magnetic arms. This unique ability makes him the ideal candidate to hunt down the cunning Felix, who has stolen precious batteries from many of the inhabitants of the weird and wonderful post-apocalyptic world of The System.

Have you ever come across a teacher who always spells or pronounces certain common words incorrectly (and makes you want to laugh or cry) or who has a great talent for making his/her lessons mind-numbingly boring? If so, you may have decided to simply timeout and retreat into your own comforting and interesting world of drawing in your copybook. Well, wouldnt it be cool if one day your drawings actually came to life, and in the form of an awesome Stickman platform game? Welcome toDraw Story, a highly interactive, innovative and surprisingly addicting jumping skill-based game for kids & teens that gets your creative side going, and problem-solving juices flowing! Set in a copybook and pencil world, you must alter the game environment by adding in your own different drawing boxes which in turn help your nimble little Stickman to perform otherwise impossible tasks in order to progress.

Skills / strategy required:This fun and stimulating arcade game features a heightened view of the action, so you can carefully plan out Dr. Jones movements through each chamber. Nimble, dexterous keyboard control skills are very important as you try to keep Dr. Jones out of harms way. An inquisitive nature also serves you well; you must be willing to explore all of the rooms in search of keys, valuable trinkets, and healing potions that help cure your wounds. Refer to your map to get an idea of where to explore next.

This cryptic hidden object game really challenges your imagination and analytical thinking skills, and requires a cool head in a dark, underground environment, really good concentration, observation and problem-solving skills, combined with smart strategic planning and great determination. The creative vision to put two and two together is important as you attempt to engineer your escape. As with all quirky brain teasers and detective-style games, being curious and inquisitive is essential here. You must explore all areas, collect as many items as you can, and exhaust all possibilities. Your survival depends on it!

Skills required:In this highly-stimulating, interactive action game, you must work together (using good teamwork) to safely guide the two heroes to the Exit Doors. You can play by yourself, controlling both characters simultaneously, or join forces with a best friend or family member. As well as the physical attributes needed for classic platform games (good hand-eye coordination, sharp observation skills, fast reactions, savvy keyboard control), you must also figure out some tricky problem-solving tasks such as teleportation, door switch opening, and more.

Winner of the Best Audio prize at the prestigious Independent Propeller Awards, Skinny is unlike any exploration / adventure game you are likely to play online; the eerie soundtrack and shadowy graphics provide a unique and addicting immersive experience. This innovative game requires a highly inquisitive mind, strong analytical thinking with the ability to think outside the box, quick reactions, accurate mouse clicking, and more. The unusual narrative and intriguing characters make Skinny one of the most interesting strategy RPG games weve reviewed to date!

Escape a prison-like research facility using a real sense of curiosity and adventure combined with logical thinking, analytical problem-solving skills, and plain old common sense!Being One: Episode 3 Dark Matteris a highly challenging, escape-based, RPG puzzle game for older teens and grown-ups where you must pick up and combine objects, and use various tools to move from room to room on a quest to escape a creepy underground laboratory complex. Following on from the cool sci-fi action of Being One Episodes 1 & 2, in Episode 3, you must continue your search for vital clues and answers as to why you are imprisoned in this research facility and how to escape! Oh, and theres also an alien creature on the loose just thought we should mention that!

Chicken Duck Mineris a platform-based, puzzle adventure game where you must utilize the individual attributes of a cute little cartoon chicken and duck partnership in order to successfully collect three precious gems in each level. You play the role of the feathered duos strategic coordinator, and have to maneuver each member of the team individually into position before mining the gems and returning them to a storage cart. Your crafty chicken can fly & glide, your daredevil duck can swim in water, and you have to figure out how best to employ their individual skills to your advantage!

Help four high school friends escape their alien overlords by exercising your analytical thinking skills, sleuthing capability, and deduction reasoning skills in this really cool, thought-provoking, point-and-click mystery adventure game!Riddle Transfer 2is an awesome, RPG-based, problem-solving puzzler for older kids / teens where you must click to interact with, discover and combine random items, and gradually help a team of students evade capture by the dreadful aliens that have taken over their school.

The Fog Fallis a very challenging, eerie and mysterious, point-and-click adventure puzzle game for teens and grownups where you must try to gather clues and information as you attempt to escape from a Cold War-style underground bunker designed as an atomic bomb shelter. Set in a gloomy post-apocalyptic period where a sea of fog has enveloped your country and home, you must use step-by-step sleuthing techniques to collect items, carefully solve how to switch on the electricity, don your protective hazmat suit, and generally figure out how to escape the bunker.

Help Fireboy and Watergirl escape the level in this fun, teamwork-based adventure game for one or two players!Fireboy & Watergirl 4 in The Crystal Temple, is a fun and creative, problem-solving platformer where you must guide the now legendary brother and sister team through a series of 38 tricky levels featuring a range of platform-based tasks. These include collecting diamonds, flipping switches, opening trapdoors, leaping onto moving ledges, and more!

Tricky Rickis a challenging and highly-stimulating online platform adventure puzzle game where you have to guide a clunky, primitive robot through a series of tricky task-based levels. Rick the Robot has a very specific problem his spaceship has crash-landed on Earth, and he needs to collect enough lost fuel to leave this planet, and return to his futuristic-style homeland. You have to carefully and methodically maneuver Rick through each platform-based challenge by combining your own keyboard skills with his many varied attributes. Rick can run, jump, use a jet-pack, pick up objects, throw objects, and more and your job is to utilize these skills in order to retrieve a fuel can, and successfully escape from each level.

Navigate through this island paradise and try to defeat the blob-like enemies that you come across. Use Loas futuristic Spin Shield to blast enemies, and avoid dangerous spikes and drops along the way. This unusual platformer game has cool retro graphics that remind you of classic games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario. Youll need nifty fingers to succeed, as Loa is a difficult character to control, and her movements take a while to get used to. Once you do, youll be spinning your way to ultimate glory. Its time to save the world are you up to the job?

If you won a lottery, would you be highly motivated to immediately go and collect your winnings? Well, meet two very lucky fellows, Bob and his dog Jerry inTicket, a light-hearted and innovative puzzle adventure game for older kids and teens where you have to guide Bob and Jerry through 15 obstacle-filled levels using a combination of good teamwork, smart strategy, and fast reactions. The scene is set when Bob suddenly learns while watching one of his favorite shows on TV that he has won the lottery! Now, he needs to quickly get to the airport if he wants to cash in his winning ticket! Leaving fresh and early the following morning, Bob and his best pal Jerry (an adorable Dachshund dog), must navigate their way through a series of challenging brain teaser levels.

This entertaining brain teaser activity should be a good fit for both younger and experienced players, especially gamers who enjoy problem solving puzzles with a wacky twist! Creative engineering skills, good strategy, fast reflexes, great patience, and plenty of trial and error are all important attributes and aspects that need to be exhibited in order for you to progress far. Good luck with the Great Escape!

Play a fun, interactive point-and-click adventure puzzle game about three little pandas who have been captured and taken aboard a pirate ship.3 Pandasis a challenging and stimulating escape game for kids & teens where you have to guide a resourceful trio of panda buddies through a series of intricate levels in their quest for freedom. You play the role of problem buster and game changer, and have to carefully and methodically interact with the game environment in order to create a solution that allows the 3 pandas to escape each level. Our bear heroes have been cruelly imprisoned up by some villainous pirates, and you must use your considerable brain power to help them escape the ship and sail to safety. Using a clever combination of teamwork between the three little guys, and harnessing the individual attributes of each, you have to flip switches, jump to higher ledges, create pathways, remove obstacles, and generally engineer a logical solution in each increasingly challenging level.

One of our absolute favorite games from the many thousands of flash games we have reviewed! Prepare yourself for an absolute epic, 1 player RPG adventure quest through a quaint and magical forest filled with bizarre little creatures, brain teasing puzzles, and a bucket load of point-and-click fun combined with awesome graphics!Shapik: The Questis an eccentric animated story and highly challenging interactive puzzle game for older kids, teens, and grownups where you have to guide charming little Shapik (a cute but strange woodland character with unforgettable eyes and a funny hat) on an epic journey to rescue his missing sister. Solve a series of complex puzzles in each scene (level) with Shapik and his faithful Bee companion (who he must first set free from a spiders web!)

Get ready for the ultimate platform test running, jumping, timing, dodging, weaving youll need to master them all if you want to succeed in this amazingly addicting adventure!Little Lifeis a fun platform game that follows the trials and tribulations of Kichu a cute little blue creature who dreams of one day becoming a cute BIG creature! To achieve his goal, he sets out on a quest to conquer 30 increasingly tricky maze-like platform levels. All he has to do is reach the escape door in each challenge but thats easier said than done!

This fun online space adventure game is reminiscent of iconic platform titles like Mario and Donkey Kong as you have to leap from ledge to ledge, carefully dodging and avoiding the horde of funny-looking but dangerous bad guys. It should prove a hit with fans of good old-fashioned jumping games where you have to simply control one main character without any frills or fancy stuff! Fast finger work and quick reaction skills are all important Buzz only has 90 seconds to complete each increasingly challenging level. Ok Space Traveler may the force be with you!

Play a wacky animation game, and piece together clues using your computer mouse to rid the cinema of unbelievably-annoying customers and allow a frustrated gentleman to watch a movie in peace!Cinema Madnessis a slightly crazy hidden object-based, mouse-clicking puzzler for older kids and teens where you must interact with the game environment, combine different items, and ultimately eliminate rowdy, self-centered, and unsympathetic cinema patrons so that your eccentric hero character (Crazy Dad) can at last watch a movie in peace without distraction! Playing the role of a Sherlock Holmes-style figure, you must talk to other characters, click and combine unusual items, and get up to some serious sleuthing!

The Pharaohs Tombis a very challenging, Egyptian-themed, maze-based adventure and escape game for older kids and teens where you must guide a famous archaeologist (Dr. Iowa Jones) through an obstacle-filled underground labyrinth. You must explore the dozens of tomb chambers in the vast maze, collecting as much gold and other important artifacts as you dare to along the way. Many of the chambers are filled with booby traps, dangerous creatures, tricky obstacles, and more!

This fun, interactive and highly-challenging, problem solving brainteaser game is all about good teamwork and management (The ability to combine the individual attributes of the two characters into one smooth strategic operation). As well as requiring good observation and analytical skills, and 100% concentration and commitment, this activity needs you to be sharp in your keyboard tapping ability (Each level is filled with dangers to hastily avoid such as pesky hopping frogs, steep drops, and deep water). The Big Question is: Can you transform this egg-cellent duo into a top quack team of gem miners?

Treasure Pyramid:Treasure Pyramid is an addicting puzzle / adventure game. Discover the secrets of the Egyptian Style Treasure Pyramid by unlocking and collecting special pieces. Color and Proximity bombs will help you on your way, but beware of the unmoveable stone pieces. Click on two adjacent pieces and to swap their positions. Place three similar pieces in a row (vertical or horizontal) and make them disappear. There are various bonuses and bombs that will help you on your way that are worth extra points. This game is so addicting, youll keep coming back for more. Good luck on your treasure quest!

Play fun adventure games for free on . Find some of the best action adventure games for children, teens & Big Kids in one playing area. From classic style to the newest games, from easy-to-play to the most challenging. Have fun solving addicting maze puzzles, and discovering cool new platform games & virtual worlds!

You play the role of Kichu and you have to collect every Crystal in each level in order to open the Escape Door. These are dotted in all kinds of dangerous positions within the maze. There are also a whole host of obstacles and impediments for Kichu to overcome, such as spikes, springs, moving platforms, barriers, and more. Its up to you to carefully navigate the little guy through each level.

This fun, cool arcade adventure game follows the classic platformer genre but adds an entertaining and refreshing new twist! With the ability to supplement new additional boxes to the landscape, you can really play the game your own way! Your problem solving skills are challenged as you try to figure out which type of box helps your Stickman to progress through a variety of tricky situations. We dare you not to laugh as you come up against some of the silliest-looking little monsters that block your path on this delightful journey through a set of awesomely-detailed doodles! Ok Landscape Changer, lets see if you can plot your way through this amazing platform experience!

Love adventure problem solving activities and fun escape games?Scoregamitesis a highly-stimulating and addicting platform puzzle game for kids and teens where you have to utilize good strategy, logical thinking skills, and solid teamwork in order to guide a small group of cute cartoon game designers to an exit portal in each level. Similar in style to a classic Super Mario adventure game, here you have to build bridges, flip switches, create pathways, use characters as stepping-stones, and basically find a solution to each level in any way possible! The Scoregamites are a team of timid cartoon game developers who have been individually imprisoned by the cunning Royal Tyrant. Joel, the only character to escape, has to free his pals by releasing them from their cages. As you progress, these freed characters join your formidable team of problem-solvers, one-by-one.

This fun and original interactive problem solving game requires good observation skills, patience, determination, logical and creative thinking skills, the ability to find a smart strategy and to learn from your mistakes, as well as fast reflexes. There will likely be lots of trial and error as your try to find a solution to each tricky level. Some players could benefit from the way the game champions the virtues of teamwork and cooperation, while others can simply enjoy an eccentric and difficult online brain teaser activity. Now, have you got the vision and tenacity to steer this lottery-winning duo through thick and thin to collect their big pot? Happy teamwork in the process!

This light-hearted and innovative skill-based problem solving game is a stern test of both your reaction speed and mental sharpness. Not only do you need to exhibit good concentration skills and dogged determination to succeed, but you also face a thorough examination of your expert timing, and snappy keyboard-tapping ability. Ricks movements have to be precise, tactful, and decisive. Increasing your skill-set and adaptability toward Ricks attributes over the course of the 30 levels is the key. This lovable robot rogue needs your utmost attention! Can you do your best as a good citizen of this planet to help him travel all the way back to his distant home?

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