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Easter Party is the theme of April in League of Angels. Dont you get curious about whats in there? Come with us to check out the World Boss, Egg Spirit, Bunny Land, Bunny Shop and many more!

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Il 25 maggio, GTarcade ha lanciato Lega degli Angeli -Terra paradisiaca, il suo ultimo GDR fantasy a turni su iOS e Android, con la superstar di Hollywood, Gal Gadot.

Lancio globale di LdA-Terra paradisiaca

Champion Showdown is first all-server, all-platform and all-timezone event, which means this is the unprecedented grand Competition for all players in LoA all over the world.

Champion Showdown: Fight For Your Own Style

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St. Patricks Day is right around the corner and GTArcade plans to the join the celebrations with its new MMORPG, League of Angels! Powerful new gear and exciting events will begin in time for St. Patricks Day. Also, March 14th marks the 100th Day Anniversary for League of Angels, so expect to see a wide range of events released in remembrance of the day it all began!

We hold this event hoping that more love and joy can be delivered to people who need them through the limited power of game industry.

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Compete for Aphrodite in Easter Party

League of Angels 100th Day Anniversary & St. Patricks Day Celebrations

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