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Hi! This week on your Weekday Escape!

Tototo Roomleaves you alone with a huge frog – it doesnt threathen you, only needs help.Dassyutulets you play some billiards, but first you need to find a cue. Not chalk, you can do without it.Neat Escapes garage is a nice place, but something is missing here…yes, the car for a drive. Can you find it? The last game byIcy Oakis lovely point-and-click game.

Hottategoyas escape terrace is a bit jail like too with all the bars around, but the sky is mediterranean blue, sunny and cloudless, so you may feel almost holiday-ish. Yeahm shows you surprizing approach to the genre andMinotovery surprizing approach to well known fairy tale.

Maymaydoesnt want you to collect fruits or candies – its fixing time. You are do-it-yourself guy now and the game gives you valuable know-how which you may use in real life.Amajetokindly provides a shelter in heavy rain…and suddenly locks you in. Without any rest you need to solve many puzzles to get out (and get soaked, probably). Finally you get home withNo1game, but your apartment is unbearably hot – your mother says, that if you find ten green escape men, they would help…do you believe her?

Welcome! The invitation to play is here – the new Weekday Escape is out!

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The Deepis a tactical D&D style game, married with the style of RPGMaker. Made originally for a contest (Indie Game Maker Contest 2017 on, the game features a world where humans used to live underground, trapped as slaves to monsters. In this world they were also prohibited from using magic or weapons of any kind, so the only option open to them was learning to use their bodies to fight. Once they finally managed to earn their freedom and break into the surface realm, they quickly learned that life above ground was no picnic either. A race of xenophobic elves with no tolerance for anyone else attempted to wipe them out. Fast forward to a couple of centuries later, and peace seems to closer, and worse yet, only a small band of humans still posses the skills to defend themselves.

is an inexpensive game that is easy for anyone to pick up. As an addition to the Dont Starve series of dark humor survival strategy games,Dont Starve Togetherhas an expansive ever-changing world with many ways to play. In the original Dont Starve, after choosing a character to play as, you had to figure out how to survive a ridiculous and deadly environment with limited instructions. But playing through mysterious potentially-fatal nights and fighting monsters makes you realize – your odds of survival would be a lot better with someone watching your back.

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, dont be so frustrated. I mean, its just a little silly game. Why are you getting so worked up over just a little game of Tic Tac Toe. Come on, its just Tic Tac Toe.

Time flies when youre playing monkey puzzles! Meet a ninja, the full moon, track down some olives (not for a pizza, Im afraid), and mind those etchings in the cliffs this time.

Welcome back after a week, welcome to another summer Weekday Escape!

Wait, what is that? Something or someone is responding to my singing! Lets see if he can sing along. Yes! YES! And something is happening, I can see cracks appearing and through those cracks I see light! Sing more! MORE! Until we break ourselves free!

It has been a while since weve covered one ofCarmelGames point-and-click games and their unique aesthetic. In this latest adventure of theirs, you play as a character, whose day starts off as any other with your boss at the pizza shop screaming at you to be more efficient with your deliveries. Mysteriously, one of your orders is to be taken to your Uncles lab, despitebeing keenly aware of his Uncles distaste for the food. Nonetheless, after some effort to search for the entrance, he brings it over. One thing begets the next, and before you know it,is at the center of hatching a plot to win a city-wide contest! But if you think Gus only wants to enter this contest for the prize money, your heart will be warmed as you discover his real motivation to try and claim top prize, and why hell do anything to attain it.

And welcome in cosy and colorfulAmajetos living room full of puzzles and with three well hidden keys. In another room bytomoLaSiDois hidden one key only, but cosisting of six parts; and besides there is lot of grated vegetables. That girl at the toilet graffiti seems very happy about it. The third escape is byNeat Escapeand takes you to a hotel, again, this time quite a basic one, but sufficient. You arent going to spend a holiday there, anyway – if stuck, there is a helpful walkthrough.

You will see gears and gauges, hunters and faraway places, and maybe even some midsummer snow. Read on below for more!

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Good fortune (and fun!) will come to those who dig throughthe archives.

If youve browsed JiG frequently over the past year, you might have stumbled across my reviews of some ofVasantJs games, including the Medieval Cop and Medieval Angel Series. From this same creator comes another game of the same sort, a spinoff around the beloved, slightly-more-positive-than-(who are we kidding, that description is pretty empty!) detective. Starting with the innocuous enough premise A flock of sheep walk into a bar,VasantJsoon tosses us into the newly 3D-rendered world of Amber Heart conducting an interrogation at a murder scene. It seems shes hellbent on using some techniques that would scare the daylights (or a confession) out of anyone!

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Welcome to the summer season with the new Weekday Escape!

This week we have two games byAmajeto, solid and reliable developer with great talent for constructing puzzles, and both meet the expectations, again.Dassyutus room is full of seemingly empty pieces of furniture, coins and polite warnings, that without finding a clue you cant even try to solve a puzzle – no guessing or even brute forcing here. Promising newcomer,Rinnogogo, created cute escape game with a story – you are a hero helping others with dangerous obstacles in their lives, armed with your wits only!

This is whereDont Starve Togethercomes in. The game allows for up to six players to join in on the chaotic fun on one server. The gameplay is similar to other games in the series, but you dont need to know a previous game to play. The controls are simple, the game play is much more challenging.

Need a chill game to kill time while youre waiting in line?Animal Crossing Pocket Campis amobilegame that lets you run your own campsite with animal campers, and is the first mobile game in theseries. Many of the previous Animal Crossing games had you live in a town full of animal villagers and provided a home you could decorate. But while in Pocket Camp you are given a personal RV that travels around with you.

Its a time for looking back again – time for the Retro Weekday Escape!Tateitaputs you into prison of some kind; and you are innocent! Thats not fair! You can shout as loud as you can, but no answer…well, seems that you have to help yourself somehow…and the absence of guards definitely helps.

Hello there little fellow, I have a note for you. Could you please deliver this envelope for me? Yes? Thank you, my gratitude is huge. Now, carry on! Off you go!

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