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Reasons to play this aiming and accuracy-based skill game:While many tower defense games require deep thought and constantly changing strategy, this game features a refreshingly-simple concept: Survive by throwing rocks and hitting the enemy. Test your concentration levels and reflexes as you engage in a fierce battle with the hordes of enemy climbers.

The Towermanis a straightforward, tower defense-style survival game where you must launch rocks off of the top of your castle tower, and skillfully dislodge the determined enemy warriors constantly climbing toward the top. With 1 or 2-player options, you can choose to take a solo stand against the invaders or enlist the help of a trusted comrade (a good friend, classmate or family member).

Play a fun and frantic, skill-based missile firing game with a sumo wrestling-style rule to win You must knock your opponents out of the ring to emerge victorious!N3wtonis an addicting, arcade-style shooting, aiming and accuracy puzzle game where you must maneuver your character (a white mini tank) through 25 progressively-difficult, action-packed missile battles.

Best strategy:Dodge and weave your way along the river for as long as possible! Learning from trial and error plays a big part in your success strategy here as it might take you a few runs to get used to the attacking movements of the piranha fish. Good concentration, observations and anticipation skills are also vital as you try to predict when and where the piranha will approach from next.

Strategy to win:As captain of a vessel under constant attack, you need to keep a cool head at all times. Utilize good strategy and your desire to win with quick-fire missile fire and well placed torpedo launches as you tactfully attempt to keep the increasingly-large fleet of opponents at bay! Calmly choose your moments to attack enemy ships with accurate bursts of artillery fire. Good keyboard and mouse control is essential if you want to survive deep into this challenge!

Carefully control a fast-paced cable car through wacky obstacle courses and bring your passengers safely to their destinations!Skywire 2is a challenging, multi-level, reflexes and timing skills-based game with 1 and 2 player modes where you must guide a sky-high cable car along a wild, hindrance-filled rail track while safely keeping at least one passenger on board until you reach the finish line. Play as a solo cable car operator, or race against a friend / family member in an action-packed, 2-player race mode!

This all-action 3D space adventure requires fast fingerwork and a steady hand, as the Hyper Sphere is incredibly difficult to control. Dodge and weave your way around the dangerous maze-like environment, making sure that you dont fall over the sides! Ok Space Commander the fate of the space station is in your hands. Guide Hyper Sphere on its perilous mission! Good luck!

How many yards can a duck make trying to survive against a very hungry shoal of piranha fish?Piranha Chaseis a slightly crazy, fun and addicting avoider game and runner / chase-style challenge for older kids / teens that pits a very eccentric rubber duck against a piranha family along a treacherous river. Your job is to help Ducky to dodge the individual piranha, and make as many yards forward upstream as possible by controlling the direction that the little duck swims at any moment.

Play an interactive, first-person maze game with 3D retro-pixel, Minecraft-style graphics on your mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC!Mazecraftis a multi-level, maze-based action adventure game with a first-person view where you must navigate through 20 increasingly-complex mazes while fending off green ghost baddies using your bow and arrow! Combine aiming and accuracy with good navigational skills as you explore the tricky mazes while avoiding the dangerous bad guys who explode and harm your bow and arrow-clad hero if they get too close! Pick up chocolate chip cookies to replenish your health, and extra arrows to bolster your arsenal of bows along the way!

Beaver Blast:Shoot your brother beaver from the cannon into the water tub with as few shots as possible in this fun and addicting shooting game. First, you will be shown how far away the tub is, and then you will have to position your cannon correctly. If you position the cannon incorrectly, your brother will fall on the ground and get hurt. Try to be as accurate as possible in order for him to land directly into the tub and reach his target safely. Can you help little beaver land softly? Be precise and have fun!

Strategy to win:Survival is dependent on your reaction skills, keyboard control, observation skills, focus, accuracy and determination. You must be constantly on the move; there is no time to rest as you repeatedly launch rocks to keep the invading force at bay. Good teamwork – If playing with a defensive partner, communicate with each other to identify key threats and areas that need urgent attention.

Strategy to win:Trial and error is essential in almost every level here Try to figure out the best way to use the various ledges and your characters jumping skill to your advantage. Solid, nimble keyboard control skills are also of the utmost importance. With very little room for error, try to remain highly focused and in the zone at all times!

Monopoly Money Warsis a quirky, jumping-based, platform action game for 1 and 2 players where you must dash around a series of confined, ledge-filled levels collecting gold coins that rain down from the sky above! Set in a monopoly-style, roll the dice board game environment where instead of falling raindrops you have valuable gold coins, you must race around to collect $100,000,000 worth of gold before your opponent! Take on a crafty computer opponent in 1-player mode, or a motivated, gold-collecting friend in the competitive 2-player mode!

The goal on each level is straight-forward to reach the Exit Portal. However, to do this, you must use an ancient power known as Tempus to stop time itself. This then enables you to alter the game environment, create new platforms, reverse the direction of enemy bullets, and more!

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Protect your base. Do everything in your power from top of your tower to ensure that the enemy does not successfully scale the wall! Thats the job and mantra of The Towerman!

Strategy to win:Although finishing the level quickly is advantageous, you must be careful and methodical in your movements. Sometimes you might have to slow down completely or even reverse a bit in order to avoid obstacles. Remember, your priority is to protect the people on board!

Magic Eggs:Help the little Pokemon Pikachu to save the chicken from falling down in this fun and addicting Pokemon game. When Pikachu hits the ball with his head, it cracks the egg and a chicken drops out. Your task is to keep the ball in the air. Try to catch every chicken as they are each worth 10 points. Hit all the eggs to continue on to the next level. As the difficulty level increases in this fast-paced game, the eggs multiply in number, so you have to be quick. Dont forget to keep the ball in the air! Good luck Pokemon!

Reasons to play this game:Exercise your observation, concentration and coordination skills as you attempt to carefully navigate through each of the 21 increasingly difficult yet entertaining levels. Test your fast reactions as you quickly change direction and try to avoid damaging Hannas helicopter. Engage your competitive spirit as you endeavor to complete all of the levels to prove your expertise as a true virtual chopper flying wizard!

Best strategy to win:A cool head, great patience and careful planning are key traits required here. There is no time limit, and many levels offer a variety of options on how to get to the Finishing Flag. Use of trial and error is also important Its highly unlikely that youll complete each level on your first attempt, so youve got to learn from your mistakes!

Controls:For PC / laptop players, use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to move, and Spacebar to shoot an arrow. For mobile phone / tablet players, control your characters movement by swiping along the left hand side of the play area. Turn your characters head from left to right and vice versa by swiping along the top right quadrant of the play area, and tap the bottom right of the game screen to shoot an arrow.

Tempus Terminusis a clever, platform and thinking puzzle-based action adventure game with a cool twist: you must use a magical power to freeze time so that you can manipulate and arrange the environment to your advantage!

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Background info:Set on a faraway planet in the distant future, you play the role of a Guardian of the ancient Tempus Terminus artefact. This powerful relic gives the Guardians the ability to stop and start time at their command! However, an army of Alliance Warriors is attempting to steal the artefact, and you must escape from their lair to ensure its safety.

Reasons to play this very challenging game of survival and skill:If you enjoy hectic / fast reaction speed, finger dexterity and keyboard control challenges with a quirky twist, this wacky game certainly fits the bill for firmly exercising your reflex and reaction skills.

Slammingsis a funny yet challenging tower defense-style game for kids that combines strategy, action and some physics. Slammings are pesky little creatures that want to march into your home and destroy everything and its up to you to stop them! The marching Slammings are intent on destruction, and you have an array of tools that can stop them in their tracks. You can slam, bomb, deflect and zap them just make sure they dont make it all the way across the playing area to your house! If they do, the little pests burn it down and its game over!

Aqua Turretis an action-packed, aiming and accuracy-based, shooting and survival game! You control a large, rotating turret gun in the center of the ocean, and must fend off wave after wave of attacks from enemy ships. You may occasionally call on help from your air force buddies, but for the most part, you are on your own in a high-pressure battle for survival in the open sea!

Strategy to win:You cant gain entry to your opponents castle unless you force the enemy knight to fall repeatedly against his own door. This means you must try your best to be constantly on the front foot. Defensively, try not to be pinned back toward your own door, use good strategic moves such as jumping and changing direction. Try to fool your opponents, and force them to miss with their sword swipes. Remember that in any battle, you need bucket loads of determination and stamina in reserve to see your way through! Practice builds skill!

Guide a speedy stickman through a series of spike and obstacle-filled levels in this awesome, fast-paced, timing-based platform game!Exit Pathis a highly-challenging, multi-level run and jump action game where you control a superhero stickman character on a mad dash through levels filled with rotating spikes, moving axes, hard-to-reach ledges, and other tricky deterrents. Survive all the way through each side-scrolling test, and safely maneuver your stickman hero through the right hand side of the play area.

This HTML5-based, first-person, shooting-style action game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen on mobile, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Reminiscent of classic 90s shoot em up games such as Doom, this light-hearted bow and arrow arcade challenge requires fast reactions and sharp hand-eye coordination skills as the bad guys can pop out when you least expect it! Good memory and navigational judgment is also important as you search for the Exit Door in the 20 progressively more difficult maze levels.

Reasons to play this crazy platform game:Enjoy a Mario-style ledge and jumping game with a quirky twist! Doodle presents a stern exercise and test of your hand-eye coordination skills, fast reflexes and reaction speed, determination, stamina, and more.

Reasons to play this fun online platformer:While the title might give the first impression that this is a very serious, negotiation-based game, its actually a very simple and enjoyable jumping-based skill game – kind of like Mario-style games. If you enjoy fast-paced platformers and nifty keyboard control skill games, youre in the right place!

Bloons Tower Defense 2 Online Gameis a well known tower defense strategy game for the whole family. This fun game develops your reaction and logic skills. The aim of the Bloons Tower Defense is to protect the path to the tower by not letting the balloons pass by and attack it. You must create a strategy of defense by buying and placing various weapons on and by the path. You earn virtual money by shooting the balloons. Buy dart monkies, Super monkeys, cannons, road spikes, boomerangs, ice balls and various other defenders to protect the tower. A Super monkey is a monkey that can shoot 10-20 times faster than a regular monkey and at 3-4 times greater distance.

Score elimination combos to earn bigger and better tools for getting rid of the creatures. There are cool different ways to eliminate the Slammings you have to combine strategy, physics and skill. You have to strategically plan out how you are going to stop them. You have to use an active understanding of physics to build and create pathways to ensure their doom. Youll also need nifty fingers and mouse work;

Based on a simple concept,Hanna in a Choppais a stimulating, accuracy and reactions-based, flying action game for kids & teens where you must guide a small helicopter through a series of narrow, closed-off, obstacle-filled levels (where the striking orange and black color scheme gives the game a cool retro look). Playing the role of Hanna, the bravest stick figure chopper pilot of them all, you must carefully dodge, weave, swoop and slide through each tricky flying task. Simple flight movement is not sufficient you must also engage in interactive tasks such as knocking over boulders, transferring debris, flipping switches, performing complicated flip moves, and more!

This innovative and stimulating analytical thinking and problem-solving arcade game provides a combined test and exercise of both the mental and physical sides of game playing. Mentally, you must use good observation skills, logical thinking and strategic planning to figure out the best way to use your time-stoppage powers to your advantage. Physically, you need really smart reaction speed and keyboard control to maneuver your character around each enemy and obstacle-filled level.

When you think about bubbles, you might imagine a relaxing bubble bath, some washing-up liquid, or maybe even some beautiful bubbles floating serenely in the air. However, we doubt that youve ever envisaged the words bubble and tanks in the same name or even sentence but thats all about to change!Bubble Tanksis an unusual and challenging, free-roaming shooting game for kids & teens where you control a missile-firing, fast-moving bubble tank that moves and shoots in a similar style to a Space Invaders-type spacecraft. Here, you swoop in and out of endless rows of mini-battlefields, destroying other Bubble Tanks while collecting more Power-up bubbles to build up your Tank into an enormous, shield-protected, bubble-based behemoth!

Skills required:This stimulating and addicting, multi-level, point-and-click game test and exercises your spatial intelligence and perception skills, and requires good visual awareness, spatial judgment and reasoning as you attempt to figure out the optimal power, angle, and trajectory required of each stickman launch and jump. Smart problem-solving and analytical thinking skills, great determination and a willingness for trial and error are all important as you progress further into the multi-level environment. Later levels are much more puzzle-based with multiple obstacles and blockades between the stickman and the flag ledge.

Alien Discipline -Teach the naughty aliens discipline in this fun, reactions-developing game. The Galactic Alien Government has hired you to work as a professional Space Nanny for their little rebellious alien children. Your job is to discipline those madcaps. Aliens understand disciplining a little different than we Earthlings do. However, since you are a professional nanny, you dont want to let your employer down.

This highly-entertaining and light-hearted online shooting activity is all about your deft keyboard tapping ability, your masterful mouse clicking skills, and quick-fire reflexes and reactions. Your Bubble Tank responds extremely sensitively to your control, so be prepared for some frantic and fast-paced shooting action! Each Bubblefield has a different set of enemies concealed within; so youd better be on your toes at all times! Have you got the ruthlessness and supreme accuracy to succeed, or will your bubble be well and truly burst? Enjoy!

Reasons to play this cool & quirky arcade game:Perhaps think of this fun game as a more structured and motor-driven rollercoaster-like game where you can test and exercise your hand-eye coordination skills, focus, keyboard control, reaction speed and finger dexterity, timing skills and stamina as you try to zip the cable car along toward the finish.

Mayday, Mayday! A computer virus has hijacked your space station, and has turned all of your on-board defenses against you! However, there is one remaining hope a speedy ball-shaped drone robot calledHyper Sphere. Get ready for a fun, hectic and addicting sci-fi action and skill game where you have to restore order to a chaotic space station by sending the Hyper Sphere to take on the bad guys, and collect the Red Power Crystals along the way that are needed to repair the system and destroy the virus. Drone Controllers beware, there are all kinds of dangers out there lethal turret gun robots, scurrying spiders, treacherous trapdoors, and more!

Skills required:This addicting speed run challenge requires really fast reactions, savvy keyboard control, sharp hand-eye coordination, alert anticipation skills, and a good dose of dogged determination! Learning from trial and error is also really important (You will almost certainly end up playing the later levels three or more times).

This difficult to master game combines excellent hand-eye coordination, deft keyboard skills, steady point-and-click mouse control, and a cool head under pressure, especially when you try to eliminate multiple opponents at a time while dodging and weaving around the confined combat arena. Let the battle action commence!

Tribal Hop- How high can you hop or jump? Demonstrate your hopping and timing skills in this fun online game for kids. It is an ancient tradition among the members of the Yusosmeli tribe to compete in a hopping contest. You must hop as high as you can on to the sacred temple steps. The steps are suspended high in the air and some of them are moving very fast, even in opposite direction from the one you are one below it. You have to get your timing just right, hop and be careful not to miss the step and fall down.

This tricky defensive game really helps to exercise your quick reaction skills as there are so many Slammings to defeat. Think youve got the strategic know-how to stop these angry little bullies? Ok then, lets find out!

En garde Its time for a wacky, 2-player, medieval swordfight battle royale!Turnausis a fun and competitive, street fighter-style, skill-based action game for 1 and 2 players where you engage in a high-energy sword battle between two master knights with the ultimate goal of bashing down your opponents castle door in order to gain entry, and simultaneously capturing your opponents flag!

Reasons to play this challenging turret gun defense game:Exercise your fast reactions, observation skills, battle readiness and endurance as you quickly swivel your turret gun around – eliminating as many enemy ships as possible.

Hop, hop, hop! Tactfully launch an agile and acrobatic stickman from raised platform to platform in this challenging, one-button, aiming and accuracy-based skill game for kids & teens!Hop The Gapis a power and trajectory judgment and launching game where you must maneuver your stickman buddy along safely from ledge-to-ledge using well judged leaps. Avoid spiky obstacles, cows, trees, and other wacky hindrances and try to limit falls into the abyss as much as possible. Similar to a quirky game of mini-golf, your task is to get the stickman to and beyond the flag ledge in each increasingly-difficult level.

Background info:The premise of this game is based on Newtons 3rd Law from legendary physicist Sir Isaac Newton: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This rule governs the laws of this game each time you hit an opponent with a missile, the opponent is knocked back, depending on the force of your shot.

If you do fall, you lose one life out of 5 and you have to start step hopping from the beginning again. The quicker and higher you jump, the more points you receive. If you are good enough, you will be earn a proud tribal Ufilgud title.

Play a funny, highly-addicting, platform action game featuring freehand scribble-style, hilarious graphics!Doodleis a challenging, jumping-based platform game where you must guide a brave, sword-wielding, doodle stickman character to a checkered flag exit in a series of increasingly-difficult levels. Faced with treacherous ledges, moving platforms, and a pack of mutant erasers for enemies, this is one of the wackiest adventure games youre ever likely to play in a while!

Asteroid Blasteris a high-octane, space rocket-based survival game where you must pilot a retro spacecraft through a dangerous asteroid field, and survive for as long as possible! Armed with a powerful laser, you can choose to blast your way through the oncoming asteroids or try to carefully avoid them using expert mouse-moving skill! This classic 80s arcade-style Flash game really tests your quick reactions, hand-eye coordination and observation skills to the max. Giant space rocks fly at you from all angles, so you need to be absolutely on your toes in order to pull off some daring survival moves! Hyperspace awaits! Good luck our there!

Reasons to play this light-hearted, sword combat-based arcade game:Play against a friend, classmate or family member in a one-on-one battle where fast reactions and tactics are key. Bring out your competitive nature as you try to use your opponents body weight to crash open the castle door.

Strategy to win:Good reaction speed, observation skills and a competitive nature are essential as you leap around the game screen in search of as many gold coins as you can gather. Nimble arrow key control is important as you leap to higher, more rewarding ledges.

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