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In Defense of D&D Stats in Simple Language: The Definition of Charisma

Combat Parley: Its All in the Delivery

In my games I want a story that emerges collaboratively at the table. My current

10 Ways to Make More Memorable Familiars

Welcome to , a free internet gaming community that uses message boards to run text based roleplaying games. We have hundreds of players and Game Masters from around the globe, all walks of life, all ages.

SW Fans, prepare to have your mind blown

campaign provides this for me. Yet, as I read through RPG rules for pleasure,… (More)

All rule systems are welcome here, including (but not limited to): Wizards of the Coast Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), Star Wars Saga and lesser known systems like The Window.

How to Use Meddling Gods to Make Life Very Interesting for Your Players

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