Strike Force Heroes 2

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Customize 5 unique soldiers with hundreds of weapons, attachments, armour upgrades and camouflages. Play the campaign for an action packed continuation of the Strike Force Heroes storyline or try your luck at the new slot machine to win rare weapons and hop into a custom game.

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Welcome to the Strike Force Heroes 2 Wiki!

Equip a primary weapon, secondary weapon, attachment, and armor that are all at least level 10.

Complete a mission (campaign and challenge) without dying.

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Strike Force Heroes 2 has 80+ weapons spread throughout 13 categories, ranged from pistols and…

The Engineer has many skills that help him survive or improve his damage output. Due to his…

This gallery does not have a strictly defined purpose, its made simply for fun. Anyone can add…

Complete all missions (campaign and challenge) on hard.

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GlobeX Mech is the robot that appears on missions 14 and 15 of Campagin (Clean Up and Last…

Strike Force Heroes 2 Upload Your Video

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Passive Skills, or just Skills, are perks that enchance soldiers perfomance, in one way or…

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Loads of bug/balance fixes + New weapon! Click v1.7b in the main menu for more info. ***Online saves fixed!***

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This is a list of all characters of Strike Force Heroes 2. Strike Force Heroes team Nathan, the…

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This wiki is about the game Strike Force Heroes 2. In a world ravaged by war, when the army isnt enough, an elite band of soldiers is formed…the Strike Force Heroes! (from the SFH2 trailer). Play as 5 different classes: Engineer, Mercenary, General, Sniper, or Juggernaut. With unique weapons, abilities, and killstreaks with each class and an epic storyline in Campaign mode, this game is going to be one of your favorites. Check it out!

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This page contains a list of all the Polls on the Wiki. There are also links to them. What is…

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Maps are the areas where all the fights happen. In Strike Force Heroes 2, there are 13 maps…

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