The 12 Best Adventure Games You Might Not Have Played

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. This is just one of those games that puts you in a good mood right away, the visual equivalent of having rainbows fired right into your eyes, and the adorable voice acting as you fight is just the icing on the cake. Theres even a bigger commercial version coming soon!

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What do you think of when you think of anadventure game? For some, its pretty straight-forward, and usually some variation on thepoint-and-clicktheme. And hey, theres nothing wrong with that… point-and-click games are awesome! But adventure is a theme that can crop up anywhere, in any genre, and any tone, and over the years weve played aof games whose adventures will spook, delight, excite, and even startle you. In this latest installment of our12 Best Gamesseries, heres a dozen of our favourite games that have encompassed the spirit of adventure over the years. Do you have any youd add? What are your favourites?

I never was able to get through Gretel and Hansel…

How to Raise a Dragon is, well, nice, but kinda slow and draggy.

Seedling was an amazing adventure game.

Huzzah! Tesshi-e is back with another excellent game! First, dont panic after you notice the intro screen youve seen before. Yes, its from The Escape Hotel 3: Remake released last summer. Tesshi-e just revisited his favourite hotel, lost his way…

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to explore, with different powers and items to find and you scour the land… and even different endings depending on the final choices you make. Despite its tiny size andretrostyle, endeavor manages to feel truly epic in scope, and youll feel like a real hero when youre done… provided you get a good ending, of course!

, and makes for the perfect bout of casual RPG/adventuring to relax with.

Maybe you are on holiday, maybe you are planning it and maybe you dont have any. Anyway, Weekday Escape is here as a short break for everybody! Well, not so short, in fact. The first game is from Detarame Factory…

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– If you want compellingnarratives, you always remember to hit upGregory Weir. Thats just how it goes. In this surprisingly emotionally affecting and unique storytelling adventure, the decisions you make will determine everything from the looks to the personality to the eventual fate of the dragon you create. Benevolent life-giving guardian? Vile fire-breathing tyrant? There are quite a few options, and Gregory Weir has done a great job at incorporating them in a variety of different ways. So, while they

are a bad idea to pick up if you plan on being at all productive for the next few days. Combining traditionalRPGaction with monster-raising and exploration, you play a hero who cant quite remember why hes wound up on this mysterious island, or what he came there to do… all he knows is he feels compelled to keep moving. And so will you once you start collecting monster eggs and solving puzzles! This is another one of those games that sort of boggles your mind a bit when you realize that youre playing a huge, complex, beautifully designed title like this

Hi! The new Weekday Escape is here bringing three fantastic games! Lutaru gives us a box for playing, with a small button here and a tiny hole there and waits until we figure out what to do with it. After…

All in all, This is is a must-play. Just play it.

– If youre in a bad mood, all you ever need to do is play this gorgeous and charming little game from Daphne Lim. It starts a tiny woodland creature whose favourite blue hat goes missing one day, and he strikes out across the forest to get it back. Its not a particularly long game, or even a very difficult one, but if youre blazing through it, youre doing it wrong. The games main draw is its stunning, effortlessly charming presentation, and the way it fills its characters and settings with personality, all without a single word of dialogue. This is a game thats designed to leave you with a smile on your face, and honestly, the world could do with quite a few more games like it.

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Oh, only four of these I havent played!

Friendship is Magic is awesome until…

Holy shmemolians! Is that what they call a Faustian bargain?

– If you like your fairytales twisted, then this morbid series fromMako Puddingis going to be right up your alley. In this spin on the classic (already creepy) tale, you play Gretel, who is constantly having to look after her… less, um, heroic brother Hansel. When Gretel hears that their parents are planning to get rid of them, she must try to find a way to escape safely with her brother. Too bad there are a lot of ways to die unspeakably here. Like… a

The 12 Best Adventure Games You Might Not Have Played

Also, this list led me to discover 2 games with great atmosphere: Blue Beanie and William and Sly are both amazing as well.


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entirely by his five year old daughter

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moral choices, they dont feel quite so arbitrary or in your face about it, letting you play as you want and dealing with the consequences. Its a thoughtful little experience that wont take you long to play, so its a good thing it has so much replay value!



a lot.Gretel and Hansel: Part 2is just as messed up and perhaps even darker, but if you enjoy stories that put the

in Grimms Fairytales, this is definitely a series for you… especially if you dont mind humour thats black as coal.

The new game from Bart Bonte is sharp yellow and black. The first-signal system activates! Wasps! Hornets! Caution Bio-Hazard! Caution Wet Floor! Slow Down! The last one is correct, no need to hurry anywhere, weve got awesome relaxing game with…

– Hope you have a good dentist, because this Zelda-styleaction adventureby BoMToons is sweet enough to give a dragon cavaties. Why? Not because its about a tiny knight slashing and hacking her way through huge yet cute boss monsters as she gets stronger and finds better equipment to save the world. Because its voiced

– Even thoughthese days has already established itself as being markedly different from its predecessors (IE, not terrible), you still probably wouldnt expect to see an adventure game like this come out of it. Created by Donitz, in it you play as Apple Bloom, an exuberant little pony who (like her fellow Cutie Mark Crusaders) has yet to get her Cutie Mark, and winds up lost when she follows a strange pony deeper into the Everfree Forest. There she finds a mysterious village, that… well, to say much more would be spoiling the twist, but suffice it to say this game isnt all sweetness and light. Nor is it oppressively grim either, with an uplifting ending and a vibrant, colourful presentation that makes it look and feel authentic. Its not very long or difficult, but it does make an exceptionally solid little piece of creepypasta that you dont have to be a fan of the show to enjoy.

Pastel Gamesleant their considerable talent and experience to Marek Rudowski for this gorgeouspoint-and-click adventure, and one play and youll know theyre a match made in gaming heaven. You play a woman named Myosotis, also known as the Trader of Stories, who travels across the land buying tales from the people she meets, hoping that one day shell find her own story. When her journey is interrupted by a broken wagon wheel, shell have to solve puzzles and collect bits of a story from the nearby townspeople and the surrounding area to continue. Its a beautifully illustrated game, with a sweeping soundtrack, and its unique characters and setting will pull you in immediately. This is exactly the sort of creative, immersive point-and-click adventure we could do with a lot more of, and youll be eagerly awaiting each new installment once youre done, too!

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Red Herring Gameshave been putting out top notch games for a few years now, and their reputation for incredibly quality started with this science-fictionpoint-and-click adventure gamecentered around you trying to find a way off of a hostile alien planet after a brutal crash landing that left almost everyone else dead. From its amazing opening cinematic to the gorgeous artwork and tiny visual touches that make the game feel lifework, its a stunner, but more importantly its also well written and well designed, with smart puzzles that feel like they were designed specifically to avoid the plague of adventure game logic.

I think these of something articles are a sneaky way to get us to play old games. Now I have to go find the first fox game and play that, too. DARN YOU JIB! 😛

Ooooh!I love the dead case. Im very happy that its included here. This game is quite old (10+ years I think). It was one of the first point n click game I have ever played. This game was very hard for me, because I was not really good at English then, so I couldnt understand some instructions in game. The map is also quite confusing (for me, at least).

Ooh, I love How to Raise a Dragon! Almost forgotten about that game. Thanks for putting it on the list!

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– Before they went big time with their commercial release ofRogue LegacyCellar Door Gamesmade a number of excellent free browser titles, including this hilarious twist on a point-and-click fantasy themed Groundhog Day. You wake up in a cell, and you have just 24 hours to stop a coronation… probably. See, every location you travel to takes time, and many puzzles and even items will take additional time off your precious hours to solve or acquire, which means youll need to make use of an unlikely ability to rewind time and figure out the correct order to do things. The game is very much tongue in cheek with its humour, and fans of classic point-and-click games will feel right at home here, making this one clever adventure worth taking.

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Seems like the only way to beat the super fast dead horse is to get past him before he sees you and that means dont stop to see where he is when youre pushing the rock. Just go go go!

Lucas Paakhis basically known for creating slap-yo-mamma gorgeous games, and few are as beloved and immediately engrossing as thisaction adventurein which you play a spry, acrobatic fox exploring a lush world. Youre looking for the pages of your human friends journal, which the gnomes have torn up and scattered, but youll also be hunting down treasure and special abilities, and perhaps more importantly, just drinking in the atmosphere, because William and Sly 2 is one of those games that just pulls you in right from the get go. Youll spend a long time exploring the expansive map and hunting down every secret and item, and the low level of difficulty means absolutely anyone can (and should) sit down and let this gem carry them away.

– Dwarves are already pretty small, but youre a runt even compared to the rest of them in thisplatforming adventurebyZillix, and after your father passes away, you set out in search of a great treasure… only to wind up plummeting to a world beneath the clouds. If you loveMetroidvania, this is definitely the game for you, as theres a

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– Zach Schaffersis all about unfinished business, as you play a rather grisly looking ghost who wants nothing more than to find out why he died… and maybe even prevent a crime in the process. Youll need to explore all over town, and help other ghosts you meet with their own problems, if you want to find the truth. Despite the grim subject matter, The Dead Case isnt really a scary game, and is instead all about its mystery. There is admittedly some unintuitive design, especially when it comes to finding your way around the town map, but it packs some truly memorable moments and likable characters into its story-centric presentation, making for a game thats perfect for relaxing during a quiet evening.

Other than those, the story is impressively moving and very enjoyable, albeit sad. The surprise element is also present in this game, which make it a lot more interesting. The art, while not the best, is quite decent. I actually like it as it is. The characters are interesting and all have unique personality. I like the ghost in the playground the most.

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