Top 25 Best Action Anime of All Time

Ganta is on death row in Japans private half-prison half-theme park, Deadman Wonderland. In order to receive the antidote to the poison injected into him via his collar, he must perform various tasks to entertain the park-goers. The problem is, he isnt even guilty!

A swashbuckling adventure featuring duels with supernatural powers, fun characters, voyages and tons of pirates,One Pieceis one of the most popular anime series out there. It will certainly fulfill any action craving you have.

5 Anime Action Scenes to Get Your Heart Pumping

Problem student Naruto was never popular or talented as a ninja. That is, until he discovers the hidden power of the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed within him. Even though Narutos physical strength is due to the Fox, his true strong point is his bright personality and determination to be friends with everyone. Will he achieve his dream of becoming the leader of the Fire Village of ninjas? And can he protect his friends from the countless evils that threaten to destroy all he has? Find out in what is arguably the most famous anime internationally (besides Pokemon, of course).

Kenshin Himura is determined never to kill again, despite being a wandering samurai. He wields an unsharpened blade so that he may fight without death. Discover his dark past and watch his path to atonement in this hit period action series!

Anime with heart-pumping action, nail-biting suspense, busty and trigger-happy female characters, not to mention wonderfully psychotic villains? Yes, please! You can find all that and more in the action genre. Lets take a look at 25 of the best action anime that you are sure to love.

Baccano!is a grossly underrated action anime that fits right in with all of the other great series on this list! Fully equipped with an outstanding set of characters, storyline, action theme and overall jazzy style,Baccano!is a great choice if you are looking for a good, old-style action anime series.

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Anime is a medium that encompasses as many genres and styles as live-action, appealing to all ages and demographic groups. But a great action scene can get anyone charged up, no matter their tastesand heres a rundown of some of animes very best action sequences.

This list wouldnt be complete without mentioningOne Punch Man! This very recent comedy/action anime series is one of the highlights of the past anime season. Fans of the action genre should definitely giveOne Punch Mana shot… or at least one punch!

Gurren Lagannis an anime featuring epic battles, controversial characters, humor, and… busty female leads? Yes, please! Gurren Lagann is probably one of the more entertaining on this list, and is not something you should miss.

Psycho-Passtakes place in a future where the government is literally inside your head! You had better not even think about committing a crime. With an interesting setting, characters and weaponry, this action anime is not to be missed.

The assassin duo of Mireille Bouquet and amnesiac Yuumura Kirika are known to the public as Noir. Together, they try to uncover Kirikas past, and discover why it has so many connections with Mireilles. This is all complicated, however, by the shady organization named Les Soldats…

Ah,Black Lagoon. A show featuring modern day pirates,Black Lagoonis another one of the best action anime series available. With outrageous, yet amazing action scenes, foul, yet entertaining language, and kick-ass characters,Black Lagoonis one heck of a thrill ride! Of course, I have to mention Revy, the trigger-happy femme fatale, who truly ties the entire series together.

Gon was raised by his aunt, and believed he was an orphan for so long. One day, he comes across a Hunter, a sort of freelance adventurer, who tells Gon that not only was Ging, his father, alive, but he was a world-famous Hunter. Determined to find his dad, Gon decides to take the Hunter examination and travel the world.

In this alternate future, the world is ruled by three factions: the Holy Britannian Empire, the Chinese Federation, and the European Union. Lelouch, prince of the Brittannian Empire, made a vow to his childhood friend Suzaku to bring down the Empire, only to find that as adolescents they end up on opposite sides.

Mugen, Jin, and Fuu are a bit of an unexpected team. Mugen and Jin cross swords the first time they meet. Fuu is the young waitress of a teashop with a mysterious request for the two violent vagabonds: find the samurai who smells of sunflowers. Theyll travel Japan in search of this mysterious person, leaving a lot of bodies in their wake.

Manga comes in all flavors and for all age groups. Were about to uncover some of the best mature manga which is just right for those in their late teens. Get ready to enter the world of seinen manga!

As the only movie on this list,Sword of the Strangeris certainly able to hold its own! With all of the positive feedback its received, this 1 hour and 40 minute film is sure to satisfy your action cravings. Young Kotaro is on the run from Ming Dynasty Chinese warriors who are hell-bent on taking his life. But why?

The long-running shounen seriesNarutodefinitely deserves a spot on this list. Following the many adventures and misadventures of Naruto, a knuckle-headed ninja, and his ninja pals, viewers of this series are in for a fun viewing experience.

Another fantasy/action anime, you say? Alright then!Fate/stay nightis one of those highly addictive, highly entertaining anime series that you just cant get enough of. Probably one of the best aspects of the entire show is the action! The battle scenes are some of the most epic in the history of anime; the execution of them, as well as the outstanding animation, is unmatched.

It shouldnt be much of a surprise by now that there are plenty of anime series featuring assassins, samurais, and martial artists. Some of these series are hit and miss, but notRurouni Kenshin. This is an extremely entertaining series that every action anime fan should watch.

Top 10 Best Classic Shonen Manga Ever!

Death City, Nevada is home to a school of weapon wielders and weapons, Death Academy. The human weapon and wielder partners learn here how to synchronize, and accomplish various missions for the Death God. In order to transform the weapon partners into Death Scythes worthy of being wielded by the Death God himself, the teams must hunt down 99 bad humans and one witch in that exact order for their souls. Will Maka and Soul succeed, or will they be bested by their teammates or enemies?

Digging is the only way of life Simon knowshumans have been forced underground by the tyrant King Lordgenome, who guns down any who dare poke their heads to the surface. Simon spends the first 14 years of his life going further and further underground until a red-haired girl named Yoko crashes down, fighting several enemy Gunmen. Seeing the sky for the first time, Simon is determined to never again hide away, and fights for the right to live under the sun.

If youre looking for an action anime with over-the-top graphics, a beyond entertaining plot, and psychotic, messed up characters,Deadman Wonderlandis the series for you. Trust me when I tell you, it will leave you wanting more.

15 of the Best Adult Anime of All Time

Saitama became determined to be a superhero after experiencing the thrill of fighting an evil baddy. He puts himself on a training regimen, only to lost all of his hair and accidentally become the strongest human who ever walked the Earth. Its actually a problemhe doesnt get to experience any heart-pounding fights, as any conflict with Saitama ends with a very standard punch.

In 2071, humans have moved off the now unfit-for-life planet Earth and onto the other non-ga搜索引擎优化us planets of the Solar System. The ragtag crew of the spaceship Bebop travel the stars on various missions!

Time for some good, old fashioned samurai swordsmanship withSamurai Champloo! When two very skilled, yet diametrically opposed samurais cross paths, circumstances force them to embark on a quest together. Lets just say that if you are looking for a series about the power of love and friendship… then this series is probably not for you.

Code Geassis an amazing series that incorporates supernatural ability, action, and moral messages. It is a mecha/action anime series done right.

Hunter x Hunter has action, great characters and even scenes that will pull at your heartstrings. Each episode will have you laughing, crying, or biting your nails during great action scenes!

Son Gokuu is a character inspired by the Monkey King of classic Chinese literature. The similarities between Dragon Ball Z and Journey to the West end there, however. Son Gokuu is an alien, the last of the Saiyans. Now he lives on Earth, and must protect his new home planet from the various dangers that befall it, ranging from other aliens to even gods!

Set in a land where alchemy is considered a highly skilled profession,Fullmetaltells the story of two brothers who live every day repaying for their childhood mistake. They forgot the greatest rule in alchemy: equivalent exchange. In the aftermath of their botched attempt at reviving their dead mother, Ed lost an arm and a leg, and Al lost his entire body. They hear that a mysterious stone named the Philosphers Stone can solve all their problems, and so begins their adventure in an attempt to restore what was lost.

Fairy Tail is the name of the anime as well as the mage guild that Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia among others belong to. Watch as they accomplish missions in order to help others as well as raise the rank of their former top guild! Friendship and honor are central themes to this funny and heart-warming action series.

This anime series centers around a young woman who just happens to be a professional assassin.Noirseems like a pretty straight forward series doesnt it? That is where you are wrong. The series actually has a deeper, more complicated plot. When given the time,Noirproves to be a show that is both interesting and action-packed. What more could you possibly ask for?

We all get in the mood for some fun, excitement and a good love story. And we all love to watch anime with our significant others…so that we can witness what our favorite characters are doing with their significant others. Its time to check out some top-notch action romance anime!

Fullmetal Alchemistnot only has tons of amazing action scenes, but also contains fun, memorable characters, tear-jerking scenes and beautiful music. This is a must watch anime series for anime fans alike.

This is a tale of eternal life gone awry: a group of alchemists is given the elixir of eternal life by a demon, and most of them agree to let the secret die with them so that no one becomes immortal. All but one member, that is. This alchemist goes on to recreate this elixir, which subsequently falls into the wrong hands. The path of wreckage left by this immortality elixir is international.

No other series has been able to incorporate awesome characters, music, story, battles and a Halloween-like, yet cheery premise as well asSoul Eater. Admit it, after watching this series everyone was stuck sitting in front of their couch wishing they could wield a scythe with the same precision and accuracy as Maka Albarn. Soul Eater helped define a genre of action anime; it is a classic all anime fans should take the time to watch.

Berserkis an anime classic that you cant really avoid seeing, action anime fan or not. With epic sword fights, compelling characters, and glorious 90s gore,Berserkis one of the best action anime ever.

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantomis a great anime series for anyone seeking out a total thrill ride. Filled with gunshots, assassinations, and violence,Phantom: Requiem for the Phantomis the perfect action series.

In a world covered by ocean water, Luffy is on a quest to find the One Piece, the lost treasure of the former King of Pirates. Hes not alone, of course. Every pirate in the world is searching for it! On Luffys search, hell gather a crew of ragtag teammates, each of which have their own dreams and goals!

Fairy Tailis a 175 action/fantasy series that packs one hell of a powerful punch. With a plethora of fun characters and epic duels featuring all sorts of magic,Fairy Tailis a great series if you are looking for some good popcorn material! This long-form shounen anime has pleased fans for years.

New Inspector Akane Tsunemori works with Enforcers, those who have been determined through psychologic evaluation to be latent criminals. They are mistrusted and feared in this world, where mental stability determines everything. But just how effective is this method of determining sanity, and does sanity equal morality?

Attack on Titantook the anime community by storm. It definitely deserves credit for being one of the best anime series within the past five years. Amazing battle equipment, badass soldiers, cliff-hangers, and some pretty epic sparring matches, this is a truly superb action series.

Cowboy BebopNarutoOne PieceKenpuu Denki BerserkRurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku RomantanFullmetal AlchemistSamurai ChamplooNoirFate/stay nightBlack LagoonCode Geass: Hangyaku no LelouchNaruto: ShippuudenClaymoreTengen Toppa Gurren LagannBaccano!Stranger: Mukou HadanSoul EaterPhantom: Requiem for the PhantomFairy TailDeadman WonderlandGuilty CrownHunter x Hunter (2011)Psycho-PassShingeki no KyojinOne Punch Man

Who doesnt love a good action anime? With their violence, heart-pumping battle scenes, bad-ass weaponry, trigger happy psychopaths, and unique storylines, action anime series set us up for hours of entertainment. Here, in no particular order, are twenty-five action series known for being the best that anime has to offer.

In a land infested by man-eating yoma, only half-yoma half-human hybrid warriors can defend the humans. Feared by all due to their half-yoma nature and distinctive appearance, the all-woman army known as the Organization, but more often called Claymores, or Silver-eyed Witches, travel across the land to sniff out the yoma who often pose as regular humans.

Claymoreis another fantasy/action anime, but unlikeFairy Tail, it is filled with intensity, demons, sword fighting, and, well lots of death!

Youve always known that anime is a medium that breaks down boundaries. Now, were going to be taking a look at the best adult anime which push things beyond the limit!

In a world terrorized by giant man-eating humanoids known as titans, mankind hides behind gargantuan walls in constant fear. The only way they have to fight back against the Titans is the military. Eren Yeager, who witnessed the death of his family and friends as a child, is determined to fight back in the only way he can: by joining the service! Little did he know: the story behind the Titans are much more convoluted than they appear.

Clare is the weakest of all the Claymores, possessing only 1/4th yoma blood, as opposed to the usual 1/2. She rescues a young human male, and takes him on her travels.

Cowboy Bebopis known as one of the greatest anime series of all time. It excels in absolutely every area imaginable, and the action is no exception. The fight scenes can range from badass to comical to stomach-dropping. If you have not watched Cowboy Bebop, then you are depriving yourself of one of the best experiences out there.

InGuilty Crown, after a tragic outbreak of a disease known as the Apocalypse Virus, one boy has obtained special powers and hopes to help restore Japan to the way it once was before it was taken over by an organization known as GHQ. This action anime is filled with thrilling scenes that will literally take your breath away!

Shonen manga is awesome – the action, hot characters, and some cliches that tell us life lessons. We picked the timeless masterpieces from the first-class magazines!

Want to watch a show with an 80s vibe? Look no further!Dragonball Zis all the right kinds of cheese, featuring amazing fights, power ups, and SUPER SAIYANS!

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