Take your War Machine into battle to become the champion!

Your troops need you! Guide and upgrade them through the campaign in this new Shadez game!

Manage the heros inventory so he can defeat the monster!

Slice and dice your way through all the levels in this puzzle game, while dodging the bouncing balls!

Blast the enemy mechs and upgrade your own – awesome graphics!

Make your way through this world of nightmares!

Try to hit as many balloons as you can with your arrows.

Line up plants of the same type to keep your garden under control.

Play with a friend in Coop or Deathmatch mode! Also has a 1-player mode and lots of HUGE new rooms!

Lead your army to victory against orcs, wizards, and dragons.

Build up your city while defending against the Scarlet Forces in this addictive strategy game.

Gun em all down in this new version of a great action classic!

Jump on the monsters as they appear. Avoid the worm tails.

Control a guided missile as it zooms through a tunnel towards its target – how far can you get?

Click and drag the mouse to set angle and power. Shoot your opponent!

Control your team of super-heroes as you defend the city from crooks and aliens in this innovative puzzle game!

A great stress reliever! Box against the computer or bring in a friend.

Use a wide variety of weapons and vehicles to fight your way through this top-view shooter.

I am completely addicted to this amazing game! Just try it.

Battle against aliens, robots, and zombies.

Play as a Murloc from WoW in this amazing RPG!

Blast away at your opponents to set a highscore in this awesome 3D first-person shooter!

Press SHIFT to shift. This game rocks!

Customize your disease and wipe out the population!

Help Kade live through everything the corporation can throw at him!

Are you pro? Blast em all in this new Thing Thing game!

Adorable little creatures beating each other senseless! Great fun!

A fun rpg/adventure game with a large world to explore.

Your fingers will be numb by the time the spells really start flying!

An addictive RPG card game. I wasted hours playing this!

This game is a lot of fun once you figure it out.

Use weapons and magic to defend your kingdom.

Fast paced shooting action – how long can you stay alive?

Shoot it out with other smileys in fast-paced deathmatch fun!

Use your turret and shield to fight off wave after wave of attacking enemies!

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