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Have you got the intense focus and the pinpoint shooting accuracy to repel hundreds of enemy troops, tanks and trucks with just a single turret gun?Turret Defenseis a high-octane, 360 degree, mouse-clicking shooting game where you simply have to survive for as long as possible by eliminating endless waves of attacking enemy vehicles, bombs and troops intent on destroying your turret gun position. You play the role of the last man standing; and the longer you survive, the larger your arsenal grows.

This easy to play yet fast and furious shooting activity requires very good hand-eye coordination and expert timing. Your observation skills are also tested to the max as enemy forces approach from all angles without warning. Even a split-second lapse in concentration can result in disaster as the bad guys rain down on you without mercy. Can you survive this punishing onslaught and become the next military miracle story? The odds are stacked against you but youve got the determination to pull through! Good luck gunner!

Use your computer mouse or touchpad to control your turret gun. Simply aim using your computer mouse cursor (in the shape of a square crosshair target), and Left Click to fire. You cannot fire at will as your gun overheats if it is used non-stop. Hold Spacebar on your computer keyboard to reveal your status bars. In the top left corner of the game screen, your Health Bar decreases each time the turret is hit by an oncoming vehicle, or by a bomb / bullet. Once this runs empty, its game over, and you have to start again.

In the top right corner, your Heat Bar indicates how hot your weapon is growing. If it decreases all the way, you are unable to fire for a short period until the weapon cools down. You score points for each eliminated vehicle / troop. Once you reach certain points thresholds, your weapon is upgraded. Hold down Spacebar, and click on the Level 2 / Level 3 icon once these are unlocked. Along the top of the game screen, you can see your Survival Time. See if you can beat our high score of just over 3 minutes. That is easier said than done!

How to Play:Your mission is simple survive the constant waves of enemy attacks from all angles for as long as you can by destroying them with your powerful turret gun in the center of the game screen. Luckily, your explosive weapon can rotate 360 degrees, so no bad guys can sneak up on your blind side you dont have a blind side! In the early part of the game, army trucks approach your gun with troops inside. These trucks either try to crash kamikaze-style directly into your guns position, or halt close by and drop off stick-figure soldiers who fire at you from a distance. As the game progresses, bombs drop from the sky, and more powerful enemy vehicles such as tanks and armored cars attack your position.

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