The 10 Best Anime Fighting Games

Some extra training and challenge modes mix the fighting up a bit but it ultimately boils down to being a beautiful looking fighter where you can pit Archer against Saber as many times as you want In 2009 it made its way stateside on the PlayStation Network online store, but in 2012, Capcoms license forFate/state nightgames expired and the game is no longer available for purchase.

In all fairness, this game actually holds up a lot better than other fighters of its ilk and is much better than most other Digimon games too. The action is fast paced and frenetic, and the roster includes a good mix of fan favorites and lesser known characters. So grab a friend and get your Digimon on…or whatever catch phrase was popular with Digimon fans back then.

Its not that Street Fighter II was the first fighting game, but it introduced concepts that were so refined and balanced that the formula could be replicated with ease in order to create a competently designed, playable game. All a developer had to do was replace Capcoms Ryu, Ken, Guile, Chun Li, etc with other original characters or licensed ones, and with some minor changes to graphics, sound, and music; theyd have a game.

Though it was partially criticized for its microtransactionsJoJos Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battleis an incredibly well crafted title that brings together 41 characters from all of the story arcs in the manga that were current as of 2013. CyberConnect 2, the company that also makes theNaruto: Ultimate Ninja Stormfranchise, was responsible for crafting this game and it shows from the graphics down to the battle mechanics.

In 2008, Capcom produced a vs. crossover few wouldve expected, when they took a number of their own characters and pitted them against classic anime characters from Tatsunoko anime productions. The result was being able to see Ryu, Chun Li, Mega Man, and Viewtiful Joe take on the likes of Casshan, Yatterman, Tekkaman, and Karas, among others. Little details in the stages further play up the history of Tatsunoko characters and series making the game one of the few places for fans to go to for a truly classic anime experience.

There have been an incredible number of visual novels that have been turned into anime series. Here, we bring you 10 candidates that absolutely need to have their story told as an animation.

Do you have an older game console sitting in the cupboard, basement or attic? Perhaps its time to dust it off, plug it in and start enjoying it once again. Were about to discover some fascinating retro games based on anime franchises weve grown to love over the years.

WhereRave Masterbecomes more engaging is how Rave Stones and Shadow Stones can be picked up in battle and attached to your weapon, allowing for distinct powers and abilities. Its one of the few anime fighting games that can legitimately be enjoyed by four people simultaneously.

In keeping with theOne Piecetheme, the game also includes an adventure mode where you can defeat and recruit new characters as you sail from location to location. Additionally, you can level up your party with experience gained from battle and some mini-games are thrown in for good measure. All in all its a nice break from the more recent entries in the series that still holds true to the source material.

When Capcom released Street Fighter II: The World Warrior in 1991, it sparked a fighting game craze that boomed for a while, and then fell into a steady stream of regularly released sequels and some new intellectual properties every so often.

Though we didnt getJump Ultimate Starsoutside of Japan, most of the world did get this spiritual successor,J-Stars Victory VS+. LikeJump Ultimate Stars,J-Starsfeatures a bunch of popular characters fromShonen Jumpmanga, brawling it out with each other. Unlike its predecessor,J-Starstakes place in 3D arenas and also has a fairly extensive story mode, rife with exploration and challenge.

Do you likeDigimon? Do you likeSuper Smash Brothers? Well this PS2/Xbox game is basically those things combined, so enjoy. Seriously theres not much more to say than that. UnlikeSmash Bros.this game has a health bar that depletes with damage and your Digimon can digivolve mid-battle – those are the main differences.

If youre new toNaruto, the Shippuden series may not be the best point of entry for full comprehension of the plot, but its still an impeccably made game that fans can really dig into.

From spectacular anime fights, to anime video games, to fighting video games, to fighting video games based on anime, these concepts blend together quite well. But in what games did they come together the best?

Anime has proven to be a popular area of popular culture from which characters and locations have been taken from to form a great number of fighting games. It certainly helps that a lot of series are known for sporting flashy, super-powered battles that can be replicated with varying degrees of ease with a fighting game format. Most are competent, but some go above and beyond. Today well be looking at 10 games that set the bar, as the best fighting games based off of anime.

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Good luck trying to find this one anymore.Fate/unlimited codesis based off the animeFate/stay nightand sees a number of the major characters from the anime battling it out in one-on-one battles. Being Capcom produced, it carries with it the companys reputation for quality fighting games with all the characters being balanced and sporting their signature weapons and moves.

As of 2016, most of the recentOne Piecegames have been modeled after theDynasty Warriorsseries in that you control a character that cuts their way through hordes of enemies. Before that, there were a number of fighting games such asOne Piece: Grand Adventure. Like the classic multiplayer fighterPower Stone, you play on a 3D, square map using environmental objects and your own unique attacks to defeat your enemy.

Series like Guilty Gear and BlazBlue are drawn and animated in a heavily anime influenced style, but theyre not based off of an anime. While they did later receive an anime adaptation, this list is looking at games that were spawned from a series or multiple series.

NarutoOne PieceGroove Adventure RaveBleachFate/stay nightKarasDigimon AdventureDragon Ball ZGintamaUchuu no Kishi TekkamanNaruto: ShippuudenYattermanShinzou Ningen CasshernJoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)

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The Capcom Vs. series of crossover fighting games has its origins in a long running deal during the 1990s for Capcom to produce games based on Marvel Comics properties. This is why Akuma fromStreet Fighterappeared as a secret character inX-Men: Children of the Atomin 1994 and why a fullX-Men vs. Street Fightergame appeared in 1996.

Games have to have had an English language release to be considered. Itd be kinda cruel to tell you about this super, amazing, wonderful, blow your mind game, only to tell you that it never got released outside of Japan. The one exception is given in the honorable mention below.

Just about everyone is playing Pokemon Go these days, the massive mobile gaming hit which is simply impossible to ignore. Lets take a more detailed look at this phenomenon, and see how everyone is responding to it and why its so incredibly successful.

RememberRave Master? That series with Haru Glory traveling around to find the mystic Rave Stones with that weird snowman guy? Well it had a game for the GameCube and if youre a fan of the series its legitimately worth playing. Like the aforementionedOne Piecetitle,Rave Masterhas its battles unfold in a square arena with an almost isometric view of it. Four players take the field in either a free for all or team match, and just wail away on each other.

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The actual fighting mechanics arent as indepth as they could be though, leading to the potential for repetitive winning strategies and therefore repetitive gameplay. Despite this, its a pretty astounding crossover game, one that offers the possibility to play out battles that could only have existed in fan fiction. That alone will make this worth playing for fans.

This Nintendo DS game is considered by many to be one of the greatest anime based games of all time. By taking some elements ofSuper Smash Bros.and combining it withShonen Jumpsiconic roster of characters,Jump Ultimate Starsis as strong on its gameplay as it is on representing beloved fan franchises. The manga inspiration is played up even more from the stage design where each battle arena looks like its taking place on a flat manga page.BleachDragon Ball ZOne PieceNarutoGintama, and so many other series are represented with some of their most recognizable characters. Unfortunately the game was only ever released in Japan which is why its listed as an honorable mention.

Theres no device more perfect for taking your gaming on the go than the smartphone. Mobile has become the number one hub for games you can just pick up and play. For anime fans looking to get their fix, here are 10 anime mobile games for the iOS and Android.

Because each of them have different features that will appeal more to specific players, its hard to say that one is better than the others. They do however represent the cream of the crop of DBZ fighting games, and anime fighting games in general; hence they all come highly recommended.

The game has a somewhat unique style system that allows characters to use distinct special abilities that vary depending on what style a character falls under. While the microtransactions arent great, its just a small mark on an otherwise outstanding title.

It might seem like cheating to put these three games in one category but theres a very good reason for it: namely that each of these titles offer a wonderful DBZ experience, while all playing very differently. Budokai 3 takes place on a standard linear plane, Tenkaichi 2 has fights take place in an open 3D field, and Xenoverse also occurs in 3D space, but allows for more than two combatants at a time and offers a deep leveling system for your created player character. It also has its own unique story about a group of fighters who exist outside of time itself and will do everything they can to keep the timelines in check, should someone try to interfere with them.

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You may be surprised to find out that the bestBleachfighting game came out on a handheld system. And not just on any handheld. The DS.Bleach: Dark Souls, developed by Treasure, combines fast flowing action between combatants, mixed with a touch of strategy by giving the player cards they can deploy mid battle. The game sports a fairly robust story mode as well as an arcade mode with a sizable amount of fighters.

Nintendos getting serious in the animated movie business. Can their legendary franchises make the leap to the big screen successfully and break the curse of the video game movie?

If theres any anime series that can rivalDragon Ball Zwith the number of games to its name, itsNarutoand its follow-up,Naruto: Shippuden. Fortunately thanks largely to the efforts of CyberConnect2 (the same company that created the.hackgames) theNarutotitles have been pretty consistently strong.Ultimate Ninja Storm 3is arguably the best of them with its 80 playable characters, special boss fights, and engaging story.

The cards that can be used by the player really do change up the way battles are fought. That, combined with the number of characters to pick from, gives this title a greater sense of variety that otherBleachtitles lack, even on consoles far bigger and more powerful than the DS.

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